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Preface : This evening I begin with a new mystery. As a Kid , I was told by my father that I belonged to " Kashyapa Gotra " . He mentioned that our Bloodline comes from the Great Saptarishi " Kashyapa " . I was very interested . I kept asking him , " So he was the First one in our Family ancestry ? " . My mother would smile at hearing this and would tell me " Yes , Indeed " . "WOW" , I thought " I belong to the Bloodline of one of the Greatest Sages himself ? My goodness , How Lucky I am ? " I kept wondering for days . Those days , I was not aware , what the Truth was . For me " TRUTH WAS WHAT MY PARENTS TOLD ME . THAT'S IT " .

I was so infatuated by the idea that I came from the Bloodline of One of the 7 Great Sages , I was almost convinced " That Kashyapa Rishi was my Great Great Great Greater and Greatest Grand Dad " . I started reading about him as often as I could . I read , He could do miracles . MY GOSH !!! He knew all the science of the World . MY GOSH & ANOTHER GOSH !!! He knew astronomy , astrology , past , present and the future . MY GOODNESS , GOSH AND ANOTHER GOSH !!! He knew and commanded even the Gods . " MY GOODNESS , My Great Great Great Greater and Greatest Grand Dad had DIRECT CONNECTION with the GODS. How awesome to know this and that too Gods listened to him , WwwwoooowwwW " I just could not help wondering about it .

As years passed , I started realizing , There was a Massive mystery involved . Anybody who has read or heard the Sanskrit text of Manusmriti would have heard about the story of " Manu and The Matsya Avatar of Vishnu along with the 7 Great Sages . The earliest list of the Seven Rishis is given by Jaiminiya Brahmana 2.218-221: Agastya, Atri, Bhardwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vasistha and Vishvamitra followed by Brihadaranyaka Upanisad 2.2.6 with a slightly different list: Gautama and Bharadvaja, Visvamitra and Jamadagni, Vasistha and Kashyapa and Atri, Brighu. The late Gopatha Brahmana 1.2.8 has Vasistha, Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadvaja, Gungu, Agastya, Bhrigu and Kashyapa.

In post-Vedic texts, different lists appear; some of these rishis were recognized as the 'mind-born sons' (Sanskrit: मनस पुत्र, manasa putra) of Brahma, the representation of the Supreme Being as Creator. Other representations are Mahesha or Shiva as the Destroyer and Vishnu as the Preserver. Since these seven rishis were also among the primary eight rishis, who were considered to be the ancestors of the Gotras of Brahmins, the birth of these rishis was mythicized.

In some parts of India, people believe these are seven stars of the Big Dipper named "Vasistha", "Marichi", "Pulastya", "Pulaha", "Atri", "Angiras" and "Kratu". There is another star slightly visible within it, known as "Arundhati". Arundhati is the wife of Vasistha. The seven Rishis in the next Manvantara will be Diptimat, Galava, Parasurama, Kripa, Drauni or Ashwatthama, Vyasa and Rishyasringa.

So we see slight changes in the list of the 7 sages . My curiosity was inflamed , when I started realizing that , these 7 are mentioned in over 91 ancient mythologies around the World , which includes the " Hebrew Bible ". How come many different civilizations , have the same mythological story of a MASSIVE GREAT FLOOD and a Suspicious connection of the Arrival of these 7 Sages .

The Sumerians were the oldest Civilization , ever know to have existed in the World , mentioned these 7 as " ANNUNAKI " , the Sanskrit texts also mention in other texts , other than Manusmriti as " ANNU NAGI " .

Who are these 7 Sages ? ALIENS ???

Where did these people come from ? Every texts mention that THESE PEOPLE CAME FROM AN ISLAND , THAT GOT SUBMERGED IN A MASSIVE FLOOD . Where was their Island ??? Why does all the ancient texts , including ancient Egyptian texts mention that , these 7 taught mankind EVERYTHING ? Agriculture , Building Houses , Building Temples and Pyramids , The custom of marriage , the custom of almost HOW A CIVILIZATION should behave . Who are these guys ?

Why is it that so many cultures have this same story world over , right from Japan to North & South America ?

My experience with the Aghoris in the year 1997 , which I have shared in great detail in " THE SECRET OF RUDRA " had taught me , The Secret must be Hidden In Stones . The secret had to be hidden in ancient Temples and Pyramids .

In this whole mystery , we will travel , across this Planet and visit almost , everywhere , where there are STONES . We will uncover , WHO THESE 7 GREAT SAGES WERE and WHY DID THEY COME TO US and for WHAT PURPOSE !!!

Everything shall be known . Let us Begin , on yet another Long Journey , throughout the World .


Let us begin on one of the most mysterious Journey that will take us throughout the World. Its a difficult mystery , please keep track of words , written in Capital letters . As we progress , What we will find , might be more shocking than we ever thought .

Our Legacy Bequeathed by GODS :

Written traditions such as the EDFU Building texts from ancient Egypt inform us , How Groups of Sages and creators of GODS embarked on temple building programes at carefully chosen locations around this Globe after the aftermath of a Global Flood . As we proceed into this mystery and I quote " As the Aghoris and the Yogis said - STONES DO SPEAK THE TRUTH " , I cannot forget that part . These temples represent some of the most awe-inspiring strutures on Earth and many have survived at least 11,000 years or more of abject politics , weather and warfare. In the mystery " The Secret of Rudra " I had given the evidence that the Great Sphinx of Giza is at least from the year 10,500 B.C.E . Clearly whoever created these durable structures meant to do so for posterity. Why else would they go carrying stones weighing Tons from quarries miles away from the location where the structure was constructed . Take the example of the Great Pyramids of Giza itself . What on Earth , were these guys smoking that a 30 to 35 Ton stones were laid in the 25th to 30th layer of the Great Pyramid . These guys are not idiots to construct something as massive as the Great Pyramid of Giza for stupidity ? They had something in mind . They wanted the future generations to remember , otherwise , the whole thing looks like a complete joke . But , History is no joke at all . We need to respect our ancient ancestors , for whatever they did to survive on this mad planet . Earthquakes, Volcanoes , Floods , Famine , Unaccounted number of diseases , and still mankind has succeeded in surviving on this Planet , where if One single asteriod or comet hits . We are all KABOOM forever . Life is a reality , we need to wake up from the deep sleep , we all are in . 

There might be another reason , why they were doing it and creating such Huge Structures , They Knew " KALIYUGA " THE AGE OF UNREASON . We will find out more . 

Ancient history begins with ancient Sumeria . It was here , that we find evidence of " THE ANNUNAKI " . The First 7 who civilized mankind to be mankind in the first place . In the Sanskrit texts , we find the Word " ANNU NAGI " instead . Nagi means , who were Serpent Worshippers . Ancient Egypt seems all , but connected with Serpents Only , with every Pharaoh being depicted with a Serpent on the Crown itself .

The ancient Sumerian texts mention Annunakis as people " an insight into letters and sciences , and every ind of art . He taught them to construct houses , to found temples and compile laws and explained to them the geometrical knowledge .... so universal were his instructions , nothing has been added materially by way of improvements ".Tales of Travelling Gods escaping a Global deluge undescore the myths in practically every culture , and they regularly appear in groups of Seven (7) .

In the Indian Vedas , how can I not mention them here in this mystery . Amazingly , when I kept reading the Vedic texts after marriage , my wife possibly thought " Hope he does not turn into some Yogi or Sadhu ? " How could I , I must be a fool to become an astheitic swami leaving the girl , I waited that long to get to be mine. Anyways , she has learnt , what I was after, when I started narrating , what my discoveries were . Okays , back to the Vedas now. In the Indian Vedas , the sages are said to have come from an Island " The Home of the primeval ones " destroyed in a Great Deluge. The few survivors became " Builder Gods , the Lords of Light " . With them came the principle of maintaining indefinitely a society in perfect balance in itself . The same tradition appears in the ancient Egyptian texts , which refer to Seven Sages arriving from an Island that was swallowed up by a devastating Earth destroying Flood to establish Saced mounds all around the River Nile that served as foundations of Future Temples. Amazingly , a similar identitical mythology exists in the that of Easter Island.

In the Vedic texts , we find evidence that This Priesthood , these 7 Sages have been defined with , has a mysterious connection to the Shiva . The Vedic texts reveals a mysterious situation that These Sages ruled " Jnana Puri " . Now " Jnana " is a corrupted word for " Gyana " meaning knowledge . What the original Vedic texts mean , is that these Sages came from a Place , where " Gyana / Knowledge " was the Supreme and unfortunately , their Island was devoured by a Great Flood . 

But , where did these 7 sages , leave the message of " GYANA / KNOWLEDGE " . As the Yogi in the Temple of Tara said to me " STONES SPEAK THE TRUTH MY SON " which I shared about in the Secret of Rudra in detail . We find evidence today , of amazing knowledge of Precession, Geometry , Trigonometry , Calculus in these ancient sites . Infact , when I started understanding the fact that the Hindu temples from the ancient eras , were actually machines to calculate , Solar and Lunar positions , Eclipses , Solstices in particular , I was shocked with the amazing accuracy of these ancient building , which People call as " TEMPLES , Where Their Gods reside " . I only found SCIENCE in those places .

We continue on this mysterious journey , further in the next Part.


I had been gifted a watch by a friend of mine , with a Compass in it . As age took over , I felt a little shy . I had no idea , why that watch was so important in reality . Even today in Fancy Bazar we get this kind of watches for Rupees 120 odd . That needle on that battery working watch was still working in the year 1998 , when for the first time , I tried understanding the TEMPLE OF THE MOTHER 'S own place . I had learnt a simple story that day . What comes Cheap does not necessarily , be Valued as Cheap . Even truth at times , is considered as Cheap . Only now , the same people who laughed are being Mocked . It is not a Co-incidence , It is an Incidence , that cannot CO-EXIST !!! Truth cannot Co-Exist with LIES . Simple .

Pyramids , Stone Circles , Menhirs , Dolmens , Sanctuaries , Mounds , You name them . THEY EXIST . As we find in the ancient Egypian texts , " Whoever shall copy thereof, and shall know it upon Earth , unfailingly and regularly and eternally " .

They Knew , What they were DOING !!!

Texts discovered at Nag Hammadi stipulate how leading away from such spiritual places caused people to die not knowing the TRUTH , never understanding the source or whey they are here , deceived by darkness and ignorance . And darkness and ignorance are not just prisons of the modern society , they are lead curtains that threaten to obscure the lights which groups of enlightened individuals have championed to re-establish for the past 4000 years . All we need to do , is re-discover the special places marked for us on the face of our very own planet . To do this, we first need to understand the motivation of these ancient temple builders , the principles of their temples and how they work .

Temples are living organisms that amplify the human potential , the laws that govern them have been used and misused throughout history. Enlightened sages , rulers and pharaohs were once handed over the keys to these secrets within the temples, and they used it for the improvement of humanity- to transform the base material into Gold. However at times , they were usurped by false prophets , priesthoods who in turn were supplemented by corrupted Caesars and Catholic Popes. Irresponsible people like tyrants , despots , dark Freemasons and Nazis have sought to apply this knowledge to bring about the subjugation of entire nations.

Because just like stones, human intent ,if properly channeled can be a very powerful weapon. The secrets of the temples have been secretly passed down among esoteric societies like the Cathars, Bogomil and Manicheits , later to be re-discovered by the Knights Templar during the excavation of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The majority of these sects died horrifically at the hands of despot Philip IV and Pope Clement V . Rather than give them the timeless secrets to these despots, the Knights Templar took them to the Grave instead.

We will find out , what these secrets were . After all , The Gods did not build these temples for one culture or creed , but for the Whole Good of Humanity itself.

We continue on our Long Journey in my next Post . All Truths has be revealed in the AGE OF AQUARIUS . We entered the AGE OF AQUARIUS in the Year 2012 , exactly the same Year , the Mayan Calendar had stated . Every non-sense will end in the Age of Aquarius . As we prepare to move into Dwaparayuga , we need to understand Times are changing with the Yugas , as always they have been , since the day Mankind started breathing on this Planet .

Current Location : Teotihuacan Pyramids ,Mexico, South America ( additionally includes The Hopi Creation myth . The Hopi people live in Arizona , United States of America) .

A Long Memory of Places of Power : THE MAYAN EPISODE

One of the rare goods that came out of the Spanish Inquisition or Spanish genocide or known as La Conquista was a written account of the creation myth of the Quiche Maya . Like other distinguished cultures before them , great emphasis was placed on committing to memory the laws, history , astronomy , sacred knowledge, events and other vital information pertaining to collective wisdom . As with ancient Egyptians or the Hopi , valuable knowledge was transmitted generation after generation , orally . It was an art held with great esteem , and a privilege entrusted to a few , but responsible individuals. But in 1701, it was the Dominican Frair Francisco Ximenez’s turn to hear the oral story of the Quiche Maya and immortalize it in paper. The timing could not have been better , for the tribe have been practically eradicated from its mortal coil either by Spanish swords or the diseases of the savages who were wielding them , diseases which the Mayans had no recourse as they had never ever been infected with these viruses which these White Barbarians brought along with them to South America all the way from Europe.

Of all the interesting things about this corpus named “ Popul Vuh “, two items stand out . FIRST its depiction of life during a “ Golden Age “ before a catastrophic Global Flood that swept the Earth sounds remarkably like the gnostic texts compiled by other civilizations with whom the Quiche Maya had never had any interaction with. Secondly, it describes “ How the First Men possessed clairvoyant ability, Endowed with Intelligence , they saw and instantly could see far ; They succeeded in seeing , they succeeded in knowing all there is in the world . The things hidden in the distance they saw with having to move …. They were formidable men “.

It seems that our ancient ancestors were accurately attuned to nature and applied their ability accordingly. Indeed many cultures who share close contact with the land have always been attributed with the power of natural divination . Celtic culture and later the Druids as well as the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert were not just highly intuitive , but also telepathic. The natural born ability enabled them to see the unseen , touch the untouchable.

The Hopi Creation myth :

The Hopi creation myth describes how life on Earth came into being , and although its symbology is unique to its culture, its metaphor bears an uncanny similarity to other religious texts. In their legends , one of the first people created by the Source is sent to the South Pole with a drum where he hears the heartbeat of the Earth. As he beats a rhythm in sympathetic harmony , a surge of life energy is directed to the centre of Gaia ( Earth ) sending streams of life force up to the surface where upon Earth becomes abundant with life. However some places became more abundant with this energy. The Hopi called them “ The Spot of the Fawn “ and overtime they became sacred places .

Indeed , there has always been a Shamanistic traditional view that certain places on this planet are sacred locations – particularly mountains , are repositories of abundant life force more concentrated than the surrounding geography.

In my next Part, we track " The ways and the roads of the Spirits " .


The ways and the roads of the Spirits :

Like the forces that drive mammals to migrate along invisible roads century after century , the peoples of the land were connected to specific hot spots and incase they lived far off from these places , they utilized a network of hidden highways to reach there. Native tribes of Bolivia and the American South-West call them “ THE SPIRIT ROADS “.In Ireland, they are the “ Fairy Paths “ , In China “ The Lungmei “. The compacting of the Earth by millions of pilgrims feet walking them over the course of thousands of years has transformed some of these occult paths , onto visible footpaths . In the area around Chaco Canyon, New Mexico these straight old tracks are described in Navajo lores as tunnels along which the Anasazi could invisibly travel ; in Britain we can still walk hundreds of such paths called “ Dod lanes “. A term handed down from the Old Saxon “ Deada Waeg “ , The Path of the Dead. This is also one of the names of the Via Sacra ( “ Sacred Way “) connecting the pyramid complex at Teotihuacan ,which goes by the second name the “ WAY OF THE STARS “ .

Other celebrated spirit roads are those of the Australian Aborginal tribes , whose own oral tradition , the ALTJURUNGA ( “ Dreamtime “) recalls events that took place over a million years ago. Thankfully the Aborginal tribes are still with us.

To say that , these people live among featureless terrain is an understatement , and yet the hardy inhabitants of the Outback are able to find their way around by sensing invisible lines of force. They call them “Djalkiri “ ( Footprints of the ancestors ). According to the belief of the Aborginals , When a tribesman walks across a Spirit Road , if he or she is attentive , they will hear the resonance imprinted by those who walked before. In a way , the invisible Djalkiri behaves like strips of magnetic cassette tape , recording the songs of every individual .

The Mystery of the Three Steps of Vishnu :

“ Establish the triangle , and the problem is two-thirds solved “ – Pythagoras .

The concept of Triadic deity is found throughout World Mythology , in which Three Inter-related Creative Forces are represented by a Central Figure or a God , along with two supporting entities. Even Christianity is not immune of the same . We witness , the mentioning of the Trinity as FATHER – SON – HOLY SPIRIT. The idea of wholeness is personified at an Earthly level in the Egyptian Ibis headed God , “ Djehuti “ ( Thoth to the Greeks and later Romans ), who is honoured “ Thrice Great “ when he becomes the embodiment of perfection as per the ancient Egyptian texts.

Just as with the Sacred mountain , which we discussed in our earlier posts, the Holy Trinity is also culturally shared.

In Hindu cosmology , the God Rudra or Shiva often appears interwined with Gods Vishnu and Brahma, all three representing the concept called “ Trimurti “ the Three fold nature of the ONE DIVINE controlling one creative aspect of Creation , Preservation and Destruction. In the Rig Veda , it is a recurring theme which involves the unusual behavior of the aforementioned Vishnu – whose role is to protect humans and restore peace of the world – his often celebrated act of taking Three Steps : “ I will declare , the mighty deeds of Vishnu, of him who measured out the Earthly regions …. Thrice setting down his footsteps, widely striding …. He within whose three wide extended paces all living creatures have their habitation. Him who alone with triple steps hath measured this common dwelling place , long far extended …”

And further along , Vishnu “ strode , widely pacing , with three stepping forth over the realms of the Earth for freedom and for life ”.

Strange behavior indeed for a God .

In my next Post , we will try to understand , This Strange behaviour of this Hindu God " Vishnu " . What is the Secret of the Three Steps of Vishnu . What does the Vedic texts want to reveal to us . Are we not seeing something , that should have been seen , Long Time back or have we become , so redundant with our Brain , that we JUST DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK ANYMORE ??? 

Mystery of Vishnu's Three Steps ( Continued from Part 5 ) .

Vishnu is eventually given the attribute Trivikrama meaning “ of the Three Steps “. Is it possible that Vishnu the bringer of order to the World , paced out landscape temples in Threes ? Was he being Geometrical , perhaps positioning them in Triangles ? But, mountains are immovable objects , you just can’t put them , wherever you like. And furthermore , why is he doing this “ for freedom or for life ? “.

We know that the landscaped temples were designed as repositories of the knowledge of the Gods , and that imbibing such knowledge empowered the individual ,to be free from illusions ( Free from Maya ). Under such circumstances , any individual is capable to live life fully aware , precisely as the Rig Veda states. One can't help but envision the parable of Adam and Eve when they lived in Paradise ( or rather as the Bible states The Garden of Eden ) and the apple they ate was from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE . In the Genesis account given in the Gnostic gospels of Nag Hammadi , which precede the four canonical gospels selected by the Catholic Church , the serpent appears as the benevolent Hero of Mankind and the God portrayed is the shadow of the God of Light. “ What did GOD say to you ? The serpent asked EVE . “ Was it, do not eat from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE ? “

Eve replied “ He said , not only do not eat from it , but do not touch it , lest you die “.The serpent re-assured her saying “ Do not be afraid . With death, you shall not die ; for it was out of jealousy that he said this to you . Rather your eyes shall open and you shall come to be like gods, recognizing evil and good “.

The Gnostic writings then describe that once Adam and Eve had eaten the apple from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE , they experienced enlightenment , precisely as one does and the knowledge empowered them to discover spiritual transfiguration. All of this is in stark contradiction to what many have been traditionally taught and thanks to machinations of the Church , the attainment of knowledge gets Adam and Eve booted out from the Garden of Eden, the apple is considered Forbidden fruit and even worse, the whole episode is presided by a serpent , who was doing fine as a symbol of telluric forces until the Church turned it into the Devil. And just like that , KNOWLEDGE becomes EVIL and coming into contact with knowledge , is declared as a situation that removes one from the state of Bliss. The Catholic Church , can you find any better place than this , where SATAN can reside ? I find , the answer is NO.

But drinking of this Knowledge and applying it precisely is the reason we are finding out locations , which were seats of POWER on the land, and why God s with benevolent intentions , like Shiva , imprinted it in special spots to find it for ourselves. As a component of the Trimurti , Vishnu is responsible for the protection of Humanity . Now , we come again to the “ THREE STEPS of VISHNU “ , where do the three steps fit into this picture ?

A few phrases later , The Rig Veda reveals “ He like a rounded wheel , hath set in swift motion his 90 racing steeds together with the four …..”

Since “ 90 racing steeds “ multiplied by Four equals 360 , this implies , the number of degrees of circumference of a “ rounded wheel “ . Since Vishnu is measuring a Sphere called “ PLANET EARTH “ and the sphere is a circle in 3-D , would the sitting of the landscape temples along the surface of the sphere have something to do with the 3 Steps ? After all , he was also the one restoring the World.

In my next Part We will check out the Mystery of " Very orderly sacred Mountains " 

Understanding the Meaning of Vishnu's 3 Steps : TRIANGLES .

Very orderly sacred Mountains:

When looking at traditions behind sacred mountains , it is striking to note , how so many cultures around the World share common stories and plot lines within certain regions . India , for example is a vast country and yet among so many of the mountains available , only a few handful are revered as sacred sites and fewer still which are associated with legends involving the God of Wisdom , Shiva ,who in the Bhagavad Gita and the Vishnu purana is mentioned as an inherent part of Vishnu . We need to remember that , Shivaic , Jain and Buddhists do consider Shiva as the ADI YOGI , the First Great Sage.

In order to understand the Secret of the 7 Sages , I realized , I had to understand the connection between Matsya ( Fish ) Avatar of Vishnu first , after all , it was Vishnu as a fish , who had saved Manu and the 7 SAGES from the Global Flood , which again is the main theme of this entire mystery . While we have seen that the Rig Vedic texts reveal about Vishnu’s “ THREE STEPS “ . What were these 3 Steps by the way ?

My curiosity for Vishnu’s Three Steps made me wonder whether these were somehow connected to geodetic- geometric placement of Sacred mountains and other nodes of energy associated with the manifestation of divinity. Since mountains are natural and immovable objects , such a possibility would be astronomical. Then all form follows function and in the Vedic and Puranic stories of Shiva as with so many others , the essence of a creator descends as a column of light and is anchored in a mountain or a primordial mound ; or the light becomes the mountain itself. I decided , why not give this theory a test . If it fails , it won’t matter either.

I put my focus on a mysterious place on this Planet . A place very well revered by the Hindus , Jains and Buddhists . Mount Kailash in the Himalayas.

Mount Kailash (31.0675° N, 81.3119° E ) is the earthly depiction of Mount Meru . The abode of Shiva or Rudra for the aghoris. It is a place of eternal bliss. The second choice was the Holy Hill of Gabbar (24.33°N 72.85°E ) , North Gujarat, India. Like Kailash , this hill also is considered as the origin of the Supreme Cosmic power of the Universe and of India . It is near the source of the Famous Virgin Vedic river Saraswati and the place where Sati’s heart fell during Shiva’s long journey through the wilderness , with SATI’s immolated dead corpse as per the texts.

The third is Maa Sharda in Maihar (24.2694° N, 80.7567° E ), Madhya Pradesh., a conical hill used as a sacred mountain since Paleolithic era, when Shiva mourning the death of Sati , while carrying her burnt corpse was on that hill , when Sati’s necklace fell of on that hill. Amazingly , linking all these 3 places , creates a perfect right angle triangle , to the error of only 1 degree . Considering the longest span of this triangle covers 650 miles, that is an incredible degree of accuracy, especially because we are dealing with 3 distinct natural features . This cannot be a co-incidence . Because world over, triangular connections among various hills with sacred temples have been observed . The situation in India , was also not a co-incidence . A PERFECT 90 DEGREE ( RIGHT ANGLE TRIANGLE ).

There we Go , TRIANGLE - TRINITY - 3 SUPREME GODS OF HINDUS - TRIANGLES - PYRAMIDS . Everything Started Making Sense .

I am sharing the Link of the map which I myself Plotted while doing this part of the research . You can try with other temples , if you know and understand the concept of Azimuth calculations . Azimuth is the pathway of a partiular Star or the Sun through the Horizon from East to West . While the other factor is Elevation . Azimuth is what all archaeologists , scholars and astronomers have to depend on to calculate Star , Solar and Lunar movements . Our ancestors were experts in calculating Azimuth and we know this from our Own Temples and their designs . The Link to the Map is provided below :

I was extremely shocked to find , other Indian temples showing Triangular , Pentagonal , Hexagonal , Octagonal orientation with other Temples .

Our ancient ancestors were trying to capitalize The Geo-Magnetic field of the Earth. They knew and understood , how radio frequencies and other solar frequencies operate on our planet . They knew the Moon's gravitational force had huge influence on our Planet and hence almost , every New Moon and Full Moon is considered Sacred by the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists . If one Full Moon is Buddha Purnima , the other New Moon is Kali Puja , almost a continuous cycle throughout the Year . They were using the Mandala design , while choosing Hills and Mountains on which they constructed these temples . One Temple's energy is connected to another Temple's Magnetic Force via this massive systematic planning of Triangular placements of Temples across the geography of this Planet .

These Vedics were scientists , they were astronomers , who perfectly knew , what they were trying to achieve. A Balance of the Universal Frequencies on our Planet itself through these temples . That makes it so clear now , WHY OM FREQUENCY is also something today NASA agrees is the Solar frequency of the Solar Bursts through space . How on Earth , did our ancient ancestors already know all this ? We will find the answer in this mystery itself.

In China , 3 Buddhist sacred mountains are associated with BODHISATTVAS . BODHI meaning “ Enlightenment “ and Sattva meaning “ Being “. Simply meaning “ Wisdom Being “, a clear reference that Mountains are repositories of “ GOD’S KNOWLEDGE “. The three are “ Wutai Shan, Emei Shan and Putuo Shan and together these three mountains make perfect “ Isosceles Triangle ( in which two sides have equal length .

I had realized that when the Yogi at the Tara temple had said to me that “ Stones can also listen and that Stones also speak the truth “ , he did have this secret for me to find out.

Stones do speak the TRUTH !!! These Mountains were telling us the secret knowledge of the GODS themselves.

In my next Part" Navels of the Earth , PLACES OF THE GODS ."


Navels of the Earth , PLACES OF THE GODS .

The Tamil tradition of Arunachala as a repository of the knowledge of the GODS is ancient and possibly pre-historic . Arunachala lies in the land of the Dravidian culture , which is at least 10,000 years or more older. It is the origin of today’s Tamil culture. The hill is mentioned in the oldest Tamil texts the “ Tolkappiyam “ , which itself again is compiled from a previous texts written more than 10,000 years or more. We are talking about a massive time frame here . 10,000 years or more is a very very long time of ancient history. This was a time when “ Kingship was lowered from the heavens “ or “ A GOLDEN AGE “ whose echoes ripple through the Quechua Maya myths as well as the Pyramid Texts of ancient Egypt.

The hill of Arunachala is the embodiment of Shiva and his knowledge , forever a “ Repository of everything auspicious “ and which exists “ For the Welfare of all “. Shiva as we as well know is mentioned as the One , who presides the “ The City of Knowledge “ . Later he is beseeched to take on the more accessible form of a phallic stone , which Hindus call as “ Lingam “ .

As I always keep repeating , Shiva is originally known as Rudra and the Lingam is his symbol of pillar , representing the column of Light descending to Earth . At this point, let me clear it out that , I am talking about “ Lingam “ only and not the “ Shiva Lingam “ which is represented as an union of Sati and Rudra . Lingam is the Phallus only. We find Phallus in World over and in various ancient sacred sites . The Hopi calls such special energy points as “ The Spots of the Fawn “. At such spots , Temple would be erected and these Temples would become the Centre of Knowledge or as the Vedic texts mention “ CITIES OF KNOWLEDGE “.

When the primeval architect of the Vedic Gods, Viswakarma erected a temple around the Shiva Lingam stone , he sparked of a tradition that would still be in play in 1200 B.C.E and 3000 miles away in Petra , Jordan when the El Dier monastery was sculpted on the side of the Hill of Hor. Inside this breathtaking monument stands a cube of stone that is the essence of Dushara, “ The Lord of the Mountain “. The sacred hill that cradles the El Dier monastery is named after the Egyptian God Horus , the God of the Sky and in similar vein connecting Vishnu , the God whose duty is to protect the Humanity and the Sacred places.

Legends speak of another “ Navel of the Earth “ that once existed in the Kingdom of Kalakh. It was marked by a series of Temples dedicated to the Triple Solar deities Enlil/ Ninlil / Ninurta , the focal point of which was a temple dedicated to Nabu, the God of Knowledge. In time , a new structure was super imposed on the site : a tall spiral staircase leading to a temple at the summit. The Greeks would refer to as “ The Gate of God “. And which we would come to know from the Hebrew Bible as “ The Tower of Babel “. In later , Mesopotamian cultures of Sumer the Omphalos markings , which were markings of the Places of Power , artificial mountains called Ziggurats were built, each built on the foundation of 16 earlier temples. In later times , the same purpose would be realized in structures such as the imposing stepped Pyramids of Central America.

In every respect , THE CUBE, SHIVA LINGAM , THE OMPHALOS and the Step Pyramid are one and the same marker of a subtle force , where divinity is said to descend and touch the Earth.

The idea of power places as navels of the Earth is as old as the SACRED Mountain . Mount Kailash, Mount Fuji in Japan , The Black Hills of the Sioux of South Dakota and Uluru of the Pitjantjatjara of Australia. Then these are those conical hills or Phallic shaped Mountains upon which harmoniously designed Temples have been built protecting the Energy hotspots , the Omphalos or the Shivalingam : Amarnath , Vaishno devi , Heng Shan , Tai Shan to name a few.

In my next Part we will track the " CITIES OF KNOWLEDGE " of the ancient World .



We are currently in South America. The Tiwanaku is the oldest sacred site found to date. Many researchers do not want to accept the fact that , Tiwanaku has been in existence , since the last 17,000 years . Yes, I do agree that , Radio- Carbon dating cannot be applied to Stones and Rocks , but that does not also give a reason , not to even consider it to be a possibility . If Radio – Carbon dating of stones cannot be done , then How can people be sure that these stones are only as old as what the mainstream Western scholars brought up into faiths , who believe that the World is only 6000 years old ? 

Tiwanaku is testament of the power of the skill and knowledge of its creators and a standing proof that , it was built with a hardcore objective in mind and that was “ Longevity “. AN IMMORTAL Temple , that would stand the test of time and still continue to stand right into the year of 2017 .

Everything about this temple is incongruous with its surroundings . This whole site is covered with ceremonial structures , a Stepped Pyramid , semi subterranean courtyards, an underground chamber and docks capable of handling , hundreds of large vessels. One particular Block from which the pier was fashioned ,weighs 440 Tons . All of this sits in a Lake 170 miles from the Ocean , approximately 12,500 feet above sea level and at a location as inaccessible as one could be.

Its primary and possibly oldest part is the courtyard within the Temple of Kalasasaya , meaning the Place of the Upright standing Stones , which indeed it is. There are approximately 99 standing megaliths , some as high as 15 feet arranged in a rectangle 421 feet by 389 feet , the size of a small stadium ; 3 pillars resembling Lingams stand in the Centre.

The greatest problem with Conventional archaeology is that , these set of people try to look at History from a window of just 6000 years and try to suppress facts. My question is simple, if Tiwanaku is not 17,000 years old site , how come there are stone carvings of extinct animals like Toxodons , a Pilocene / Pleistocene mammal , which became extinct 16,000 years back ? Why are archaeologists , hurry to state that , this site possibly is just 3000 years old ? What’s their agenda , unless to hide the truth ? Just because the Hebrew Bible stated that the World started in 4000 B.C.E , does not erase Human History ? We will find every truth about this in this mystery.



Signs of impending change – The myths of cities and Temples constructed by individuals of Great Stature floating far and wide, floating around Tiwanaku, Heliopolis, Easter Island, Edfu and Teotihuacan like magnetic mists . The surviving Ancient Egyptian texts place the Gods, in remote or possibly Paleolithic times. The era of Dynastic kings possibly began as found so far to be dated around 3100 B.C.E . The first recorded Pharaoh name “ MENES “ . Ofcourse Why not ? Where on Earth otherwise the Vedics would get the name “ MANU “ ? Or King Manu as mentioned in the Manusmriti ??? We needed to find this character , to understand “ The Secret of the 7 Sages “. Without this guy , we cannot find these 7 Sages or come to know who they were ? We have found Manu or yes , “ MENES “ . The First Egyptian Pharaoh .

Menes is mentioned as the First Human Ruler in ancient Egypt. All ancient Egyptian texts mention that prior to Menes , the era was preceded and ancient Egypt was governed by the Shemsu Hor ( Followers of Horus , the Falcon headed God ). In the “ Secret of Rudra “, I had given full detail of the God “ ATUM “ or the Sun God and how . at a later stage , Atum was depicted as “Horus”. It is from this Egyptian God “ Horus “ that the English word “ Hour “ for time has been derived . The falcon represents the Flight of the Sun over the horizon from dawn to dusk and hence correctly indicated “ TIME “.

Prior to the Shemsu Hor , Egypt was ruled by the Gods themselves as per the Pyramid texts . Ancient Egyptians call this period as “ Zep tepi “ meaning the “ Occasion of the First Time “. And we are informed that during Zep Tepi period , the Gods called “ Neteru “ ruled Egypt.

Advice to initiates in many of the Ancient Egyptian temples indicates that these Supernatural people must have been very tall and initiates were instructed to stand up to “ AHAU “ ( Gods who stand Up ) who stood 9 cubits tall , approximately 15 feet in height .

By following the trails of ancient historians like Manetho , Herodotus , Solon and Plato we are informed that prominent temple cities like Innu ( Original name for Heliopolis , Egypt ) are dated to Zep Tepi , the Occasion of the First Time and that is 10,500 B.C.E , The AGE OF LEO and hence The Sphinx of Giza was carved as a Lion . I have shared the whole mystery of the Great Sphinx of Giza in my previous mystery “ Secret of Rudra “ . For the Egyptians , everything that they learned , every construction secret , almost all possible kinds of knowledge including Songs, Dance , Art etc happened during the period of Zep tepi, the Occasion of the First Time. Egyptologists , who are denying this truth are only denying , because otherwise , their Gods would be sent into coffins.

Incidently , we now are getting hints that , somewhere in the period of 17,000 -16,000 years , there definitely happened to be a Golden Age . Something , which the Egyptian Texts reveal , Vedas reveal and almost all ancient civilizations of the world including the Hopi seem to confirm .

If we were to re-incarnate into 16,000 B.C.E , we would have found that our world was definitely very different in those days. At that period, the affects of the Last Ice Age would have started its final culmination. Australia and New Guinea was connected . All of the Bristish Isles were connected and the United Kingdom was joined along with Europe . The Black Sea , the Northern Sea and the Persian Gullf was dry land. The Mediterranean was a lake and the Indonesian archipelago was connected to Asia. Southern India was also far vast and incorporated Sri Lanka as a connected landmass. In the “ Mystery of Ramayana “ I had raised this point that , When Ramayana states , the story happened in Treta Yuga , then why On Earth , would Rama need to built a Bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka, when Sri Lanka was already connected with India as one vast piece of landmass ? I did mention that Ramayana story happened in Mesopotamia and not India at all . Rama was born in Agade , Iraq and was an Assyrian King.

In my next Part , we will further excavate the secrets behind this " GREAT GLOBAL FLOOD " .


Infact it is clear from the Tamil Sangam texts that Southern India and Lanka connected was known as “ Kumari Kandam “ ( The Land of the Virgin ) . An interesting connection to Mary and the Egyptian land of Ta Merry . As with Heliopolis and Tiwanaku. Kumari Kandam is described in the Tamil texts as a High Cilization , part of a GOLDEN Age , where the pursuit for knowledge was held in the High Esteem and cities of knowledge were built by men of Great Stature . The texts further mention that during this phase , men skilled with hands , as if they were designed by the Gods themselves were alive and were so Good with Stone Work and Temple building with stones and sacred knowledge that they were compared to Gods.

In the “ Secret of the Elamites “ , I had clearly stated that , the Elamites had arrived into India from Africa . Settled in India . Later One Branch of Elamites moved out of India and settled in the lands of Mesopotamia and Persia . I had given evidence that Iran ( Persia ) was built by the Black Elamite rulers , just like much of Mesopotamia .

But the Paleolithic world was soon to undergo a massive change . At this juncture , We also need to understand that , we today have evidence that the Earth was hit by a Comet / Asteroid sometime during this period. Scientific evidences are now coming up and are being reported daily . Further , we know that , the Ice Age was coming to a culmination during this period. Today , some of the most prolific and controversial researchers Graham Hancock and many others are of the view that Antarctica was not in the Southern Polar region , but much Northward and was a temperate region. It is very likely that the people of Kumari Kandam and Antarctica had created one of the most prolific civilizations of mankind , which we are still to attain. Infact , satellite images have reported anomalies of structures being buried 2 miles below the Ice sheets of Antarctica. With the close of Ice Age , trillions of gallons of water which were held up by the Ice dams , gave up. Many scholars are of the view that , this massive situation was heightened by the fact that the Earth was hit by comet / asteroid, thereby displacing Antarctica towards the South Pole with the change of the EARTH’S axial tilt. This theory is known as “ Earth Displacement Theory “ and also resulted in Entire burial of Kumari Kandam under the sea bed. Whther we consider the Ice glacial meltdown theory or the Earth displacement theory, the fact that , a land called Kumari KANDAM is clearly mentioned in the Tamil Sangam texts cannot be denied. Further the anomalies in Antarctica . And now, with rising Global temperatures and melting of the Antarctica’s glaciers , Pyramids are reported to have been sighted in Antarctica . More evidence , that Antarctica was a land where a human civilization existed at a time before the Global meltdown of Ice and rising of water levels and the sea beds , removing many parts of the World , including the City of DWARKA , which today , we have evidence to state has been found in the Western sea coast of India.

Scholars believe 16,000 B.C.E to 14,058 B.C.E , more geologic changes continued. The rising sea levels would have destroyed civilizations , who were residing close to the sea coasts . Many Islands would have got lost within time , with no cognitive memory in the minds of Humanity . Islands like Easter Islands which were far larger territories , saw a massive decline. Even today, the Faces of the Sculpted Stones seem to speak about a great misery that came upon mankind , destroying an ancient civilization that was far advanced of its time. We also need to remember the Oldest Sangam Tamil texts are dated to 9,600 B.C.E and from this Sangam texts the later 3 versions were written about including the period of Common Era. Many historians try to hide this fact , because their Banana faiths stand withstand Truth , can’t withstand Scrutiny, so much so that , if anything is spoken about to highlight their anomalies , they consider it as blasphemy and Blasphemy according to them deserves Death Penalty . This rule is the only rule , saving their weak founded philosophy . The Oldest Sangam texts were saved by the enlightened Brotherhood from this massive deluge , or else today , we would have never known , Kumari Kandam existed . As more marine explorations are being undertaken , more Truth will emerge.

Lost lands , Submerged Temples.

While the work of the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato is highly regarded throughout the academic circles , the same circle disappears when the topic of discussion is brought to the point where Plato discusses the drowning by a third and major upheaval of the Earth of the perfect society of Atlantis, which he claims to have taken place around 9,600 B.C.E . Of course , we know why ? Because how can such a Thing Happen on a 6000 year old planet , all thanks to Bullshit of the Abrahamic faiths and their stupidity that this planet happened around 4000 B.C.E . These last 4000 years of Human History is complete waste of Time. Complete Age of Darkness , incredibly just like the Vedic texts predicted about the Kaliyuga, complete DARKNESS IN HUMAN CIVILIZATION. 

Had Plato survived today, he would have been vindicated by the Geologists and Climatologists that he was absolutely correct . In the last 2 decades , scientists have agreed during the glacial melting between 16,000 B.C.E to 9,600 B.C.E , Earth suffered 3 abrupt periods of catastrophic flooding that raised the sea level by 150 feet, enough to drown thousands of miles of coastline and render once sprawling lands into tiny atolls. Today’s Island nations as the Acores, Micronesia and Maldives would have been formidable land masses back then complete with valleys and mountain ranges and certainly large enough to support high civilizations claimed to have survived then. 

Tamil sacred texts , the Skanda Purana records a similar state of events , in and around the Indian Sub-Continent and how preparations were made in advance to escape an inevitable catastrophe , particularly with the preservation of “ THE KNOWLEDGE OF GODS “ . at the sacred mountain of the Arunachala . “ The Ground near it is not at all touched by the four oceans that became agitated at the end of Yuga , and that have the extremities of the World’s submerged in them …all the lores , arts, wealth of scriptures , and the Vedas are truthfully well- arranged there.”

Greek Philosopher Plato mentioned this ancient Tamil land of Arunachala as Atlantis , because Arunachala was also called “ Arunachalis “ . Arunachalis landed up as Atlantis in the Greek Philosopher’s pronunciation .

With that said , Atlantis wherever it may be now, was not an isolated event. There are at least 12 identical worldwide Flood legends citing Great Lands swallowed by the unprecedented rising of the Sea waters and Oceans swallowing up lands . This is possibly the same time ,which the Egyptian texts , Indian Vedic texts and almost all mythologies seem point . THE END OF THE PERIOD OF THE GOLDEN AGE. The Tamil texts greatly emphasize that Great centres of learning which were around the coastline , were swallowed up by the Ocean and infact, today there is more than physical evidence of the same which has been found by the Marine society of India. In fact , half of Mahabalipuram temples , if are to be visited today , we all would need scuba diving gear to meet the Gods , who now reside in the salty waters of the Indian Ocean .

In my next Part " THE SEVEN SAGES "



The Vedic texts reveal that the Earth and its organisms are constantly undergoing in a pentagonal cycle of Birth, Growth, Assimilation, Gestation and Rebirth. As do ancient monuments , even after the grounds upon which they have long stood overwhelms them; just as their founders renascent ideas despite the very best intentions of organized religions.

Clearly there were adepts who survived the Flood and lived to sow the seeds of New Civilizations. The Egyptian Temple culture , for one is proof enough. That it appeared without precedent , as if it came as a pre-packaged and re-assembled suggests that its founders already possessed skills, laws and knowledge capable of executing a pre-conceived plan. 

Let me ask you a Question “ You want to play for the National Indian Cricket team . You have just never played cricket ever . You are facing one of the Best Bowlers in the World . You don’t even know , how to hold the cricket bat . How long , do you expect to survive at the crease ? “ . THIS QUESTION IS VERY IMPORTANT . I had said in the “ Secret of Rudra “ that The Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza , were not built by the Egyptians and I had given evidence that the Sphinx was built around 10,500 -10,450 B.C.E . WHY ?

Because , in Egyptian history , The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built before any of the other pyramids . Now my question is “ HOW ON EARTH , WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE OF MAKING PYRAMIDS , DID THE EGYPTIANS BUILT THE BIGGEST OF THE MONSTROUS PYRAMIDS , FIRST and then onwards , they started Building Smaller pyramids ???? “ . The Egyptologists want us to believe that , Pharaoh Khufu , built the Great Pyramid around 2600 B.C.E , when nobody in Egypt had ever built a Pyramid and to make matters even more comical, They Built the Biggest Pyramid first , without any experience and when they became experts , They started building Smaller Pyramids , which have fallen , broken down to pieces and in some pyramids , there is no sign at all , that they are Pyramids . And the First Pyramid , which is the Great Pyramid of Giza , still stands unfailingly , and with little damage to its outer stones ? Who are these Egyptologists trying to fool ?

The PYRAMIDS OF GIZA were built by an absolutely advanced civilization . and when the Egyptians started to rule , they only inherited this from the earlier advanced civilization. 

The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza , were built by a Civilization , which arrived into ancient Egypt around 11,000 B.C.E – 9.600 B.C.E . And it was the AGE OF LEO . And hence they left us a marker by building the Great Sphinx of Giza as a LION , depicting Built in the Age of Leo constellation.

Just like the myth of Jerusalem ‘s Ail – na – Mirenn- today’s Temple Mount – The Omphalos of Hill of Tara ,Ireland , was a place where the Great Flood subsided , as was Shiva’s repository at Arunachala and so many other primeval mounds of the World. The Puranas mention how seven sages visited Arunachala after the Flood to collect and dissipate the knowledge ; north Indian tradition asserts that Manu and the Seven Sages took refuge in the Himalayas and after the flood, embarked on reconstructing the area between the Indus and the Ganges while teaching the Vedas.

Andean tradition describe the megalithic monument builders as the Huari , a Race of White Skinned , bearded Giants , the most celebrated of who was a bearded , white skinned , red headed god named Viracocha, who emanated from a boat on Lake Titicaca . Together with 7 “ Shining Ones “ , he set about building the Temple complex of Tiwanaku. Which then was used as a “ navel place “ from whence they set out to promulgate the knowledge through the Andes.

Just as the Popul Vuh represents the oral history of the Quechua Maya , so the Codex Vaticanus records faithfully the very ancient and oral traditions of Central America. In one curious passage it states that “ in the First Age , giants existed in that country ( Mexico). They relate to one of the Seven , whom they mention as " having escaped the Deluge ….. he went to Cholula and there began to build a Tower …in order that should a deluge come again , he might escape to it .” Indeed the Pyramid of Cholula still stands , partly because a new Spanish Church now resides on top of it, and mostly because it is the Largest Pyramid ever constructed in the World – Its Volume is greater than the Great Pyramid of Giza. In Nauhatl language it is named “ Tlachihualtepetl “ also known as “ artificial mountain “. Originally it was named “ Achollolan “ , meaning “ Waters that fall in the Place of flight “.

Certainly these builders were physically and intellectually endowed , as one account after another credits these individuals with achieving the seemingly un-impossible , using techniques that bend the presently laws of physics . At the temple complex of Uxmal, the Pyramid of the Magician is said to have been raised over one night by a man of magical disposition who “ whistled and heavy rocks would move into place “. If we compare this with the traditions of Tiwanaku , in which “ the Great stones were moved from their quarries of their own accord at the sound of a trumpet …. Taking their positions on the site .” Similar attributes are common to the creators of Teotihuacan and Stonehenge , as well as the original Egyptian Temples , which are described as “ speedy at construction .”

Al this sounds reminiscent of the practice of the Egyptian magic “ Hekua “ ( the possible origin of the often-represented word Hex ) with which magicians moved stones with “ words of their mouths “ just as the Ethiopian Hor magicians carried Great Stones through air.

Identical stories involving survivors of the deluge emerging from the oceans and capable of supernatural feats appear also throughout Micronesia. On the island of Pohnpei stand 100 artificial islands that comprise the pentagonal citadel of Nan Madol. Within it , sits the basalt temple of Nan Dowas and its central Pyramid, wherein megalithic foundation stones are said to have been erected by two antediluvian Gods who came by boats from an island that was sinking somewhere in the west and “ by their magic spells , one by one , the great masses of stones flew through the air like birds , settling down at their appointed place .” Traditionally called “ Sounhleng “ ( reef of heaven ) it’s built as a mirror image of its sunken counterpart Kahnimwelso Namkhet ( City of the Horizon ) . Indeed undersea ruins of two cities have been discovered here , lying at great depths and complete with standing columns on pedestal rising upto 24 feet.

The concept of Gods or sages re-emerging from sea going vessels and other safe havens after a global catastrophe is a recurring theme in myths and traditions maintained by supposedly unconnected cultures . But there are connections , and they are interwoven like the finest Persian carpet.

From the primordial mound at Heliopolis (originally known as Innu , Egypt ), groups of builder Gods, also referred to as the SEVEN SAGES set about locating other mounds at carefully chosen locations that would act as foundations for future temples , the development of which was intended to bring about “ the resurrection of the former world of the Gods “ following its destruction by a worldwide flood. These Egyptian “ Ahau “ ( Gods who stand up ).


The EDFU Building texts are a source of valuable information regarding the manner in which these events unfolded around the time of the catastrophe of nightmare proportions , particularly with regard to the re-building of temples. On passage describes the survivor builder gods “ entering in that , which was in decay “ at the opening of this era for they found the mansions of the Gods reduced to debris”. The Egyptians accepted decay as an inherent part of the natural rhythm of life. They also accepted the first temples that ever existed inhabited an era of limited time, as did the life span of the first generation of Gods , “ The Neters “. This period spanned some 6000 years , and all that was accomplished during this period perished in a storm , “ an aggression against the island of creation “.

After the consecration of the sacred sites , both Egyptian and Vedic texts describe how groups of 7 sages , divinely connected beings and other adepts , embarked on works of construction at carefully chosen locations around the world, to rebuild a network of power places. With regard to Egypt, they then sailed away , leaving behind the “ crew of the Falcon “ – The Followers of Horus – to look after the temples , while they wandered into the hinterlands to set up additional sites. Looking around the World today , we have indeed inherited an abundant legacy of post- dulivian temples and other places of power. The oldest un-earthed temple till date , Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, an impressive series of eighteen stone circles replete with astronomical alignments and 18 foot carved standing stones , is estimated to have been carefully , but deliberately buried just after 1700 years after the flood.

History seems to indicate that the ancient peoples understood the telluric forces of nature. They searched out unique places on the land , where electro-magnetic energy and gravity behave differently from the norm , and took full advantage of such “ spots on the fawn “ to reach across the veil and access what the Zoroastrians call “ Pairi Daeza “.

The adepts memorialized these special places of transformation , then extended the reach of the Gods by sourcing the same invisible currents wherever they manifested over the Earth , and constructed new temples as mirror image of nature and the sky.

A glance at the sacred sites around the world, from Stonehenge to Callanish , from Eridu to Sacsayhuaman , shows how substantial cultures evolved around them . demonstrating that despite the incalculable task of rebuilding after the Flood , the planning revolved around an energetic “ navel “ where order already prevailed . The complexity of thought behind temple designs shows they did not start as rudimentary meeting places either. Astonishing pyramids such as Cholula and Giza , the standing stone rows at Carnac , even the Stone Circles of Gobekli Tepe , appear suddenly and without antecedent , as if part of a pre-conceived , pre-packaged plan; all built by people who thoroughly understood , how the Universe operates.

Since one aim of the temple was to help transform the individual “ into a god , into a bright star “. It seems fair to speculate that under the prevailing circumstances, a resurrection of the previous world of the Gods would do no end of good for human morale, to say the least . Sacred texts like the Qumran scrolls not only offer advice on the purposeful conduct of life , they also remind us how straying from spiritual places leaves people to be deceived by darkness . And with more than enough darkness to go around in the times following the flood , not to mention , the need for superior moral examples for the sake of social order in the wake of a mass disaster , the incentive to rebuild “ the cities of knowledge “ would probably have ranked high on the list of priorities.

Furthermore , sacred power centres serve the same function as the endocrine glands of the human body. Just like human power centres such as the heart , liver and lungs , they serve to maintain the whole organism in balance .Thus , a temple built as a mirror of the cosmos and situated at an energy node, if correctly used will serve the human body in the same way – first by influencing the connection of its spirit to the stars , followed by its denser organs in relation to the environment.
The decision to rebuild a global grid of power would also have taken one another important element into account. The worldwide myths also clearly point out that , very large objects were falling down from the sky and impacting the Earth with unimaginable force , making the constellations appear out of place and the Sun to set in at different locations ; infact for several days The Sun did not set at all . Geological analysis has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that pieces of a disintegrating comet did collide with the Earth , the magnitude of which may have temporarily destabilized the Earth’s axis, possibly shifting its thin mantle over layers of lubricating magma.

Remember ,we are dealing with formidable impact . By contrast the Chilean Earthquake of 2010 alone shifted the axis of the Earth by 3 inches , causing the planet’s rotation to slow down.

Temple legends describe how many of the places of great importance – The Great Pyramid of Giza , The Oracle of Delphi , the site of Chartres Cathedral and Temple Mount , for instance were chosen above underground fissures and streams leading to all parts of the land , by which a vital spirit was terrestrially dispersed. The chthonic mysteries were performed in galleries and chambers below these temples , into which ran metal rods connected to the tip of the buildings , typically a Benben coated in a conducting material such as electron . Just like a lightening rod, it allowed positively – charged electromagnetic energy to be conducted from the atmosphere and send it right down into the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Law of Correspondence :

The temple as a representation of the universe is well attested throughout the cultural circles of the ancient Near East , Asia , North Africa and Europe. The sacred temples built by the Tamils, Zoroastrians , Khmers and Egyptians – even upto the Ptolemaic era – bore a likeness to the cosmos and how each culture interpreted it. Measures and proportions were appropriate to each structure ‘s meaning and function , as were decorative elements , such as the 72 stupas encircling the summit of Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.

At Anghor Wat , Cambodia courtyards and lakes surround the inner sanctum , just as the sea surrounds the land ; just as the Earth is an island in the solar system , and the solar system an island in the galaxy , ad infinitum . Indeed temples are microcosms of a macrocosm .


We have travelled almost ,most of the ancient world . We have understood that all our ancient temples are power hot spots on this planet , which help us identify these special seats of knowledge easily. And we have also realized , our temples are directly connected to the cosmos of our Universe ( Brahmanda in Sanskrit ).

These 7 sages , which all the mythologies talk about are none but STARS , but which ones ? We now have to head back to the Vedic texts to find out more about them.

There are numerous references in ancient Indian literature to a kind of time keeping using the star group known as Saptarishis (the Seven Sages).Saptarishis has been identified as the brightest seven stars in the constellation Ursa Major (the Big Bear), constituting the asterism known as the Big Dipper.

The seven stars of Ursa Major take the shape of a cart or a bowl with a handle. The Sanskrit names of these stars can be recognized by following the description given in the Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira.

The east-most of the group is Bhagavan Marichi; the next to him is Vasishtha; the next is Angirasa and the next two are Atri and Pulastya. The next in order are the Rishis Pulaha and Kritu. The chaste Arundati chastly attends her husband the Sage Vasishtha.


The Saptarishis Calendar is based on the discovery by the ancient Greek astronomers that in different periods of time the Seven Sages resided in different lunar mansions of the tropical zodiac. The lunar mansion in which Saptarishis resided was noted when significant events occurred. This must have been done by direct observation of the night sky and locating the Saptarishis pointer in relation to the tropical zodiac. This was not a method that could be done by simple calculation. It was like a ‗clock‘ in the sky. To tell the time one had to look at the sky and note the position of the Saptarishis pointer. Since there is only slight, if any, movement of stars relative to each other, the sidereal zodiac or the stars themselves could not be used in this method. With respect to a star or sidereal Nakshatra, there is hardly any movement of Saptarishis.

Given below are some of the events that the ancient Indian astronomers noted using the Saptarishis Calendar.

1) ―At the birth of king Parikshit they were in Magha and the Kali Yuga then began.‖ (Vishnu Purana 2; see Dutt, 1896: 312).

2) ―When Seven Rishis will be in Parvashadha, then Nanda will begin to reign and thenceforth the influence of Kali will increase.‖ (Vishnu Purana 2; see Dutt, ibid.).

3) ―During the reign of Yudhishtira 2526 years before the commencement of the Vikrama Saka the seven Rishis were at the constellation of Magha (Regulus).‖ (Brihat Samhita: Sloka 3, Chapter XIII; see Iyer, 1884: 80).

Might sound shocking to some of you , but as we move further into this mystery , we will understand the massive connection even better and How these 7 Stars would create an epic history for mankind as , we have already seen , in the previous posts , relating to this mystery .

The Vedic texts also mention that the 7 Sages had 7 Wives . First we will understand the Sages and then " Who their wives were " . I will not leave , any of you , who are reading this mystery , halfway through this mystery and will provide all the connections by the time , we end this mystery .



Ursa Major includes the seven bright stars shown in Pic 3 ( Fig. 1). Since these span an angular distance of >42°, it is impossible to fit all of them within one lunar mansion (which spans only 13°20′). Instead, in order to locate the lunar mansion an imaginary line connecting two particular stars in Ursa Major is extended towards the ecliptic.

This line of reference is described in the Vishnu Purana as follows:

"When the first two stars of the seven Rishis rise in the heavens and some lunar asterism is seen at night at an equal distance then the seven Rishis remain stationary in that conjunction for a hundred years of man. (Dutt, 1896: 31).The meaning of ―equal distance‖ in this translation should be understood as the distance from the North Celestial Pole to Ursa Major and a similar distance from Ursa Major towards the ecliptic. Ursa Major lies approximately midway between the North Celestial Pole and the ecliptic. The point where the imaginary line crosses the ecliptic is the place where Saptarishis resides.

The first two stars that rise in Ursa Major are the two stars that form the pouring edge of the bowl (i.e. Dubhe and Merak). The Dubhe-Merak axis when extended towards the ecliptic goes parallel and close to the Zosma and Chort stars in the constellation of Leo that form a triangle with Denebola (Purvaphalguni Nakshatra). The point where this imaginary line cuts the ecliptic is not static because of the slight proper motion of the stars, which is significant over several centuries.


Does Saptarishis move? In accordance with the Saptarishis Calendar, yes it does. It moves at a rate of one conjunction in 100 years, and it moves through the whole zodiac in one cycle,―... the seven Rishis remain stationary in that conjunction for one hundred years of man.‖ (Vishnu Purana; Indrasena, 2014). Is this true?

The answer to this question is both yes and no, depending on how the zodiac is defined. The zodiac consists of 12 Rashis (astrological signs) and 27 or 28 Nakshatras (lunar mansions), and is stationary and star based in Vedic astronomy. By definition the first Rashi, Mesha (Aries), begins at a point which is approximately diametrically opposite to the location of the star Chitra (Spica).

This starting point of Mesha is fixed. In Greek astronomy the zodiac is based on equinoctial and solstice points, with Aries starting from the point of the vernal equinox and Libra the autumnal equinox. This is known as the tropical zodiac. The astrological tropical zodiac is not astronomically correct (ibid.). Because of the precession of the equinoxes the vernal equinoctial point drifts backwards along the ecliptic at a rate of 50.3″ per year. Therefore, the tropical zodiac is not stationary but moves backwards along the ecliptic among the background of stationary stars at a rate of 1° in 72 years.

The Sidereal Zodiac:

Stars hardly move except for proper motion, which is only a few arc minutes over many centuries.Pic 5 (Figure 2 ) and Pic 6 ( Figure 3 ) show the arrangement of stars in CE 100 and CE 3000. The sidereal zodiac is also shown along the ecliptic. Simha (Leo) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashis (constellations) can be seen in these figures. The sidereal zodiac starts with reference to a star. Commonly a point diametrically opposite to Spica is taken as the starting point of Aries by Indian astrologers (Lahiri Ayanamsha). In the West, the Fargan-Bradely Ayanamsha is commonly used, but I prefer the Dulakara Ayanamsha (Indrasena, 2015), which is obtained by eliminating the refraction error imparted by the atmosphere in the location of Spica. It should be understood that throughout this research paper the Dulakara Ayanamsha has been used, and the zodiac has been fixed at CE 232.

It can be seen that there is hardly any change in star positions with respect to each other between CE 100 and CE 3000. The stars are also more or less stationary with respect to the sidereal zodiac. The Saptarishis pointer, which is the Dubhe-Merak axis, cuts the ecliptic in sidereal Simha (Leo) close to the star 59 Leonis in both CE 100 and CE 3000. There is only 2 arc minutes movement of the pointer along the ecliptic over 2,900 years because of the proper motion of Dubhe and Merak (see Table 2). Therefore, over 2,900 years Saptarishis has hardly moved with respect to the sidereal zodiac.


The Tropical Zodiac:

What is the situation with respect to the tropical zodiac? In Figures 2 and 3 ( as I shared in the previous Post of PART 15), the starting point of tropical Libra can be identified as the point of interception of the ecliptic and the celestial equator. Tropical Aries starts from the point of the vernal equinox. In CE 100, the Saptarishis pointer cuts the ecliptic at tropical Leo but in CE 3000 it will happen in tropical Libra because the starting point of tropical Libra has progressed backwards by about 40° along the ecliptic towards sidereal Leo. Clearly there is movement of Saptarishis along the tropical zodiac although there is hardly any absolute movement against the stationary stars. This movement is due to the precession of the equinoxes. The rate is approximately 1.5° in 100 years.

The Rate of Motion of Saptarishis ( 7 Great Sages ) :

Since the Saptarishis Calendar is a direct projection of the precession of the equinoxes the position of Saptarishis should change at the precessional rate. The major drawback in understanding the true nature of the Saptarishis Calendar and the rate of change is the ambiguity of the descriptions and translations of the verses that mention the rate of movement of Saptarishis.

There are different versions presented in the Vishnu Purana and in the Brihat Samhita. In the Vishnu Purana there is no reference to lunar mansions: ―... seven Rishis continue stationary in that conjunction for a hundred years of man.‖ (Dutt, 1896: 312). In contrast, the Brihat Samhita states that ―The Sages in their course remain for a period of 100 years in each lunar mansion.‖ (Sloka 4, Chapter XIII; Iyer, 1984: 80). The meaning of the term ―conjunction‖ in the Vishnu Purana quotation is often misinterpreted as Nakshatra (lunar mansion) but it should not be.

Conjunction‘ can be understood better as the meeting point of the Saptarishis pointer with the ecliptic. In other words, the Seven Sages remain at a particular point for nearly 100 years, and this is exactly the case when the Vishnu Purana verse is looked into closely. The verse says ―Whichever Nakshatra out of Ashwini etc. this line meets; it will remain in the same for 100 human years.‖ The verse is actually referring to the point where the lines meet in a lunar mansion rather than the whole of the lunar mansion.

This has been wrongly interpreted as the whole lunar mansion instead of one point. This point has to span either 1°, as per the Greek tradition, or 1.5°, as per the Vedic tradition, if it lasts for 100 years. Since it was the Greeks who popularized the tropical zodiac, the span of the conjunction‘ has to be taken as 1° rather than the whole lunar mansion. The afore-mentioned quotation in the Brihat Samhita must be interpreted cautiously because at the beginning Varahamihira says that what he was writing about Seven Sages was merely what was known to Vriddha Garga: ―I shall describe according to the theory of Sage Vriddha Garga ...‖ (Slokas 1/2, Chapter XIII; Iyer, 1884:80). It is not clear who Vriddha Garga was. Although it is tempting to assume that he was an ancient Indian writer, his name does not appear in any Indian books, so perhaps he was not an Indian sage. Since Varahamihira and later Indian astronomers followed the zodiac of Ptolemy, relating the signs to solstices and equinoxes, it is possible that Vriddha Garga was none other than Ptolemy.

Since Varahamihira does not take responsibility for what he says in the Brihat Samhita about the Seven Sages it is clear that either he had doubts about it or it was not well understood by him. Therefore Varahamihira‘s account of the Seven Sages residing in one Nakshatra for 100 years must be treated with caution. It is impossible for the Saptarishis pointer to traverse one lunar mansion in 100 years. A lunar mansion spans 13° 20′, and since Saptarishis moves along the tropical zodiac at the rate of the precession of the equinoxes, in 100 years it is impossible to move more than 1.38° at the current rate of precession. As per the Vedic tradition the rate of precession is 54" per year; in 100 years this will be 1.5°. As per the Greek tradition of Hipparchus the rate of precession is not less than 1° in 100 years. The rate of change of the Seven Sages as given in ancient Indian texts is closer to the rate of precession as discovered by Hipparchus. Therefore, it seems that the Saptarishis Calendar is the application of the rate of precession found by Hipparchus, and the meaning of the term conjunction‘ in the Vishnu Purana or Nakshatra in the Brihat Samhita is simply a span of 1° along the ecliptic.

The Sky Clock:

The ancient Vedic astronomers did not pay much attention to the exact rate of change of the Saptarishis pointer. This was because they relied on observing the Seven Sages rather than using any method of calculation that depended upon their specific rate of movement. Therefore, they did not need to know the exact rate: whether it was 1° per century or one Nakshatra per century was immaterial just so long as the pointer was observed and recorded at the time of a specific event. Even today if somebody wants to find out where Saptarishis is, this must be done by direct observation rather than by calculation. Anybody looking at the sky will see that Saptarishis is now in Hasta of the tropical zodiac. It can be said that when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India the Seven Sages were in Hasta, whereas when Parikshit was the ruler it was in Magha. This conclusion cannot be arrived at by any method of direct calculation.

We now know , who the Same Great Sages were , which King Manu or First Egyptian Pharaoh " Menes " had saved or infact " THESE 7 STARS , ACTUALLY SAVED HIM , WHEN HE ON HIS BOAT ( NAOH in Sanskrit ) to reach Ancient Egypt from a Land which Got Submerged by a GREAT GLOBAL DELUGE . We now need to understand the Wives of these 7 Great Sages , which are mentioned in the Vedic texts .



We have found out , who the Great Seven Sages were . Now we need to know , who their wives as mentioned in the Vedic texts were . We now know , that Pharaoh Menes or the First Pharaoh of the Early dynasty of ancient Egypt , also the first HUMAN Pharaoh after the so called " ZEP TEPI / The Occassion of the First Time " which we have discussed in our earlier posts in great detail already , was King MANU as mentioned in the Sanskrit Text " Manusmriti " . If you had read my earlier posts , you would have seen , the Picture of Vishnu ( As a Fish Avatar ) saving King Manu in a BOAT , along with the 7 Great Sages . Infact , what did really happen was that , These 7 Great Sages or Stars of the Ursa Major ( the Big Dipper constellations ) helped Menes / Manu know which way to carry His Boat . Every Egyptian Pharaoh , ever Buried , has always been buried along with a Life Size " BOAT " . MAY I ASK WHY SO ? Simple , their Great Land or Island , where originally Belonged to , WAS SUBMERGED BY A GREAT DELUGE , that's why . And it was a BOAT that saved their LIVES,These 7 STARS , saved THEIR LIVES by showing them Directions . And Hence , They considered these 7 Stars of Ursa Major as Great Sages , who knew , everything about this Planet . The representation of Vishnu was added by the Vedics to make sure " Humanity understands , that there is someone Watching You all over and Protecting and Guiding You through all the problems of Your Life " . And from that phrase comes the wordings " A SHINING STAR " and even today , people PRAY TO A SHOOTING STAR . And the Great Proverb goes by the wording " WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARS " . Let us now , find out , who the Wives of These 7 Sages were .

Rishi means the one who knows - the word is derived from the Sanskrit root RS which is in the sense of knowing. The knowledge or Vidyaa of the Rishis is called Arsha Vidyaa.

It is the Rishis who mark the time and the periods of Kali-yuga, the age of sin and sorrow. See in the Bhagavata Purana XII., II, 2, 6, 32, and Vishnu Purana. Says the latter: "When the splendour of Vishnu (Krishna) departed for heaven, then did the Kali Yug, during which men delight in sin, invade the world. . . . . When the Seven Rishis were in Magha, the Kali Yug, comprising 1,200 (divine) years (432,000 years of mortals), began; and when from Magha, they shall reach Purvashadha, then will this Kali age attain its growth, under Nanda and his successors."* This is the revolution of the Rishis "when the two first stars of the Seven Rishis (of the Great Bear) rise in the heavens, and some lunar asterism is seen at night, at an equal distance between them, then the Seven Rishis continue stationary in that conjunction for a hundred years," a hater of Nanda makes Parasara say. According to Bentley, it is in order to show the quantity of the precession of the equinoxes that this notion originated among the astronomers. It was done "by assuming an imaginary line, or great circle, passing through the poles of the ecliptic and the beginning of the fixed Magha, which circle was supposed to cut some of the stars in the Great Bear. . . . The seven stars being called the Rishis, the Circle so assumed was called the line of the Rishis . . . . and being invariably fixed to the beginning of the lunar asterism Magha, the precession would be noted by stating the degree . . . of any moveable lunar mansion cut by that line or circle as an index" .

Our ancient ancestors , left every code , so that , ONE DAY , WE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH !!! And here in 2017 , I am sharing the same .

The seven Krttika: KRITTIKA NAKSHATRA ( Pleiades )

In the Hindu mythology, it is said that the stars of the Big Dipper were the seven sages called Rishis. They were happily married to seven sisters named Krttika. They originally lived all together in the northern sky. But one day, the god of fire, Agni, fell in love with the seven Krttika. Trying to forget his love, Agni wandered in the forest where he met Svaha, the star Zeta Tauri.

Svaha was at once infatuated with Agni. To conquer Agni's love, Svaha disguised herself as six of the seven Krttika. Agni who believed he had conquered the attractive wives of the seven Rishis.

Svaha had a child. Rumors began to spread that six of the Rishis' wives were his mother. The seven Rishis divorced their wives. Arundhati was the only one that remained with her husband as the star Alcor. The other six Krttika went away to become the Pleiades.

The Pleiades

According to the ancient Greeks, the Pleiades were seven sisters. In Greek, the word "pleiades" means "doves." Their parents were Pleione and Atlas who was condemned by Zeus to support the Heavens on his shoulders. One day, the Pleiades were traveling with their mother and met the hunter Orion.

Orion fell in love with Pleione and her charming daughters. He spent a great deal of time chasing after them, trying to win their affection. After several years, Zeus intervened and transformed the women into doves to help them escape. They flew into the sky to become the cluster of stars that today has their name.

However, only six stars are visible in the sky without a telescope. The ancient Greeks explained the absence of a seventh star with several different stories. According to one story, one of the Pleiades, Merope deserted her sisters because she was ashamed of having a mortal husband, who also happened to be a criminal.

The Pleiades, as well as the Hyades, are part of the constellation Taurus the Bull.

And here We are " TAURUS THE BULL " , WHY NOT !!! Rudra and his NANDI , the BULL . Our ancient ancestors left every bit of detail , that THE GODS ARE WATCHING US . THE STARS ARE WATCHING US .



This is the final Post , relating to this mystery . I will start with a New Mystery , a Even More Complex Mystery than This One Next . Thanks to my wife and all my friends , who have supported me , all the way on my Research Work , and People Whom I respect , for THINKING BEYOND EVERYTHING that we are Brainwashed to believe as God . I thank all those authors , who have gone against every known limits to share Truth and have been Never respected for their Hard Work and Research , because Conventional Wisdom did not agree , especially with people with GODS !!! Let me wind off with this mystery now , some questions left unanswered . If the Seven Sages were STARS, Why so much of mythology around them . In the year 2014 and I quote the Final words from my own diary .

So we understood now , who these Saptarishis were and their wives were . But the question now is , if these 7 Sages were Stars , why do people from different parts of the World say , “ 7 Wise Men (Sages) came by Boats to teach mankind everything ? “ . How can people be so confused to not know the difference between Stars and Humans ? Because , the ones who did meet these people were indeed Humans. People , who had survived the Great Deluge and their lineage . People from a far advanced civilization , WHO WERE ASTRONOMERS , KNEW THE STARS , KNEW HOW THE COSMOS OPERATES . These set of people taught other people about the 7 Stars . These set of people , who had survived the impact of the Comet hit had seen the axis of the Earth tilt , they had realized , the Cosmos had changed , The skies had changed their positions .They started marking the Stars once again . Locating the points of new energy outlets across this Planet by erecting Huge Stones or Phallus . Marking these locations in alignment with Sirius and Orion belts , afresh as the positions had changed in the skies after the axial tilt. These astronomers will teach the other people , the Secrets of the Skies , assist them build huge Stone Structures like the Pyramids out of Stone and Rock , so that , even if Earth was hit by another such impact as a Comet hit , the Science will never get erased . Stones will stand for posterity . Stones will stand through the matrix of TIME , Stones will remind people of their original history . Written through the language of stones , these ancient temples like the Great Sphinx of Giza , has been standing tall since the year 10,450 B.C.E telling us the fact that “ STONES DO TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR OWN HISTORY “ . That explains why our mythological stories including the Hebrew Bible mention that Gods can stop Nights and Days , mention That the Earth stood still for a few days etc. Because such a situation actually happened and through mankind’s cognitive memories , these stories which were first passed orally , were later turned into Texts and have remained with mankind to remind us , that no matter what Humans become , It would take this Planet just a few minutes to erase the whole of the History and again restart as a new World and this explains , why the Vedas state that “ There have been many worlds before and there shall be many worlds even after “.



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