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Preface : This whole mystery that I am about to start of with has consumed 20 years of my life. What I am going to share in this mystery is completely based on scientific , archaeological , ancient mythological texts like the Egyptian Book of the Dead , The Turin Papyrus , The Pyramid Texts , Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egyptian temples including that of Dendera ,Heliopolis , Aswan , The Vedas , The Puranas , the Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythologies and archaeology , Ancient Assyrian and Elamite texts , Babylonian texts , The Hebrew Bible and the Quran .

Being born to Hindu parents meant , without even science , I was aware of the various Gods , Hindus have. My parents are hardcore Vishnu followers , I however have always found this particular " BLUE NECKED ALIEN " called " Shiva " by most Hindus as the main one of interest . Infact , the day , I was born was a Full Moon early morning. My father , bought the first Picture of Shiva , beautifully framed in steel and with a glass cover , right after my birth . By the age of 10 years , the first "Shiva Lingam " , which I bought out of my pocket money had entered my house . This mysterious guy is the most mysterious of all the Hindu Gods that we have . Infact , as I grew up , I realized , this One does not even belong to the Aryans . This One was a Non-Vedic deity . Who Is This Mysterious God of the Hindus . Is he a God or Alien or Something absolutely unknown of .

Year 1997 , was the year , when I had the most unexpected 3rd meeting with the Aghori sadhus . I had shared , what happened in a post day before yesterday and hence I would not repeat it again . This incident was a massive incident to me . On my second meeting , I had already learnt , these people , believe in " RUDRA " not Shiva . Rudra is another name for Shiva used by Hindus . But for them , it wasn't . They clearly knew the difference . Infact , it was my second meeting where I learnt the difference between the names " Rudra " and "Shiva " . Since that day , I have mostly used the name " Rudra " only . However , my mother never wanted to listen of Rudra , but always Shiva . There are mysterious situation of WHY ? She never told me , but I learnt it myself " WHY SO ? " . On a personal front , RUDRA , it was for me .

In this mystery , we will travel back and forth , through ancient Egypt , India , Mesopotamia , Ireland and South America . Possibly , if time permits , will also include the Dogon Tribe of Africa . I do make it a point right now , that This mystery is the most complicated mystery I have ever shared , because it involved , massive amount of data , which I have taken from the Sanskrit text of " Surya Siddhanta ". Also to note that , I am indebted to all the Book writers , whose Books will become a part of this entire mystery , in total 546 Books , 4312 Research Papers, Various informative Blogs and Websites including Ancient Origins .

My search for Rudra has come all the way to the year 2017 , 20 YEARS , from the day , they said " THE MOTHER WILL TAKE YOU PLACES , BUT NEVER QUESTION THE MOTHER " and Also that point , which they stated " RED IS THE COLOUR OF THE MOTHER " .

Let us begin on this Long Research paper and will be the Longest research paper , I have ever shared ever .



The Biggest Monolithic structure in the World , also happens to be the Most Oldest known structure , ever built in Human History . It is called as the " GREAT SPHINX OF GIZA " . While most Egyptologists state that , the SPHINX was built during the period of Pharaoh Khafre and date it to 2630 B.C.E only . " IT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST LIES ". We have evidence now that the Great Sphinx of Giza is atleast from 10,500 B.C.E or more . I will provide evidence to this at large in my next Post . But why is the Sphinx important to understand " The Secret of Rudra " ? As I said , this mystery is the Biggest Mystery on this Planet . As we move forward , we will realize why ?

The Great Sphinx of Giza, is situated on the Giza Plateau adjacent to the Great Pyramids of Giza on the west bank of the Nile River and facing east (29°58′31″N 31°08′15″E). The sphinx is located southeast of the pyramids. The Sphinx is a witness to mankind's long and ancient History . Interestingly , the Sphinx is so scientifically and astronomically Built that even after 12000 years , even today , When the Sun rises on Summer Solstice , it rises Right in front of its face and when the sun sets on the Summer Solstice , it sets Right Behind its Head . If people think , it is a mere co-incidence than they are Hallucinating or are on Drugs .

The Sphinx is actually a Lion . Many people are trying to make their claim that The Face of the Sphinx was originally that of " Anubis " the Jackal headed God of the ancient Egyptians , but I will share , why this structure is that of a Lion only and not of a Jackal .Furthermore , nobody knows even today , who carved the face of a Human on top of the face of this leonine structure . Infact , Egyptian ancient texts reveal that there were originally TWO SPHINX . One with a Feminine Face . Recently using Google Earth , some Archaeologists have identified a spot where there is a mound of Earth . Possibly in coming years , with more excavations , the other Sphinx would also be found . Egyptians believe in the concept of Duality , meaning TWO for everything . So if there is a Male God , there has to be a Female God as well . This is their main way of Philosophy . But why are the Egyptologists stating that the Sphinx was built only in 2630 B.C.E ? Because Egypt was not Built by the Arabs but by somebody else . And the Arabs are scared to loose their authority over the Egyptian Antiquity . They fear the Truth that , unlike what the Books of the Abhrahamic Faith tell that this Planet is only 6000 years old , the Truth is completely different. THEY FEAR THE TRUTH COMING OUT IN THE OPEN and Hence they try to make it look as if the Sphinx was built only in 2630 B.C.E so that their Holy Book which states 4000 B.C.E as the beginning of the planet is not mocked . We will find out who Built the Ancient Egypt in reality .


I quote the Biblical Verse from the NEW TESTAMENT (NIV) 
New International Version: LUKE 22:10:
"He replied, "As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters, "

Why did I quote this verse from the Christian Bible ? Because , now you will understand , why I call Christians as idiots . This verse reveals , The Change of Yuga . Yes Sir it does . THE MAN CARRYING THE JAR OF WATER IS " AQUARIUS " . The Verse means , when the AGE OF AQUARIUS will begin , all the Truth shall come out . We entered the AGE OF AQUARIUS in the year 2012. Have you noticed , How Life for the Christians have become miserable everyday . Not only more terrorists attacks but only the very foundation of Christianity is dying a Death of Plague . Atheists are hounding them everywhere . Their Paganic roots are being thrown into their faces everyday . They are being insulted for enjoying Christmas , Easter , Halloween , Good Friday , All Sain't Day etc , because TRUTH IS COMING OUT AS THE BIBLE PREDICTED . Christianity will die its own death now . NOBODY CAN STOP IT .


The earth makes a complete circuit around its own axis once every twenty-four hours and has an equatorial circumference of 24,902.45 miles. It follows, therefore, that a man standing still on the equator is in fact in motion, revolving with the planet at just over 1000 miles per hour.

Viewed from outer space, looking down on the North Pole, the direction of rotation is anti-clockwise. While spinning daily on its own axis, the earth also orbits the sun (again in an anti-clockwise direction) on a path which is slightly elliptical rather than completely circular. It pursues this orbit at truly breakneck speed, travelling as far along it in an hour 66,600 miles as the average motorist will drive in six years. To bring the calculations down in scale, this means that we are hurtling through space much faster than any bullet, at the rate of 18.5 miles every second. In the time that it has taken you to read this paragraph, we have voyaged about A THOUSAND miles farther along earth's path around the sun. With a year required to complete a full circuit, the only evidence we have of the tremendous orbital race we are participating in is the slow march of the seasons. And in the operations of the seasons themselves it is possible to see a wondrous and impartial mechanism at work distributing spring, summer, autumn and winter fairly around the globe, across the northern and southern hemispheres, year in and year out, with absolute regularity. The earth's axis of rotation is tilted in relation to the plane of its orbit (at about 23.5° to the vertical). This tilt, which causes the seasons,points the North Pole, and the entire northern hemisphere away from the sun for six months a year (while the southern hemisphere enjoys its summer) and points the South Pole and the southern hemisphere away from the sun for the remaining six months (while the northern hemisphere enjoys its summer). The seasons result from the annual variation in the angle at which the sun's rays reach any particular point on the earth's surface and from the annual variation in the number of hours of sunlight received there at different times of the year. The earth's tilt is referred to in technical language as its obliquity, and the plane of its orbit, extended outwards to form a great circle in the celestial sphere, is known as the ecliptic. Astronomers also speak of the 'celestial equator, which is an extension of the earth's equator into the celestial sphere. The celestial equator is today inclined at about 23.5° to the ecliptic, because the earth's axis is inclined at 23.5° to the vertical.This angle, termed the obliquity of the ecliptic, is not fixed and immutable for all time. On the contrary (as we saw in Chapter Eleven in relation to the dating of the Andean city of Tiahuanaco) it is subject to constant, though very slow, oscillations. These occur across a range of slightly less than 3°, rising closest to the vertical at 22.1° and falling farthest away at 24.5°. A full cycle, from 24.5° to 22.1°, and back again to 24.5°, takes approximately 41,000 years to complete. 4 So our fragile planet nods and spins while soaring along its orbital path.

The orbit takes a year and the spin takes a day and the nod has a cycle of 41,000 years. A wild celestial dance seems to be going on as we skip and skim and dive through eternity, and we feel the tug of contradictory urges: to fall into the sun on the one hand; to make a break for the outer darkness on the other.


In order to understand this Hindu God called RUDRA or as many people call him as Shiva , we first need to understand Science . This Blue Necked God of the Hindus is not like other Gods and that is reason , I have started with the Sphinx . Now , In my previous Post , I shared about , How our planet is both Rotating and Revolving in space . According to Vedas , every Yuga is for 2160 years , which means that our Planet stays in a particular Constellation ( ZODIAC SIGN ) for exactly 2160 years . This means that when we entered into the Age of Aquarius in the year 2012 and we will exit in the year 4172 C.E and the next Age of Capricorn will begin in the year 4173 C.E . This whole phenomenon is called as " 26,000-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years) ".

When , we scientifically plot this time line , we get the year 10,450 B.C.E as the date of construction of the Sphinx because " THE ORION BELT " which the Lion of Giza was looking at on the Summer Solstice would only and only match in the year 10,450 B.C.E . Now , let me make it a little easy for people to understand .

You see , the People who built the Sphinx were no idiots . They perfectly knew the Stars very well . The Only Reason , why they Built the Sphinx as a Lion was obviously because it was built in the Age of Leo . The Age of Leo was 10,450 B.C.E to 8290 B.C.E after that the Age of Cancer began .The Basic idea was to keep a record of TIME and Precession and to allow the future generations to easily find out , in which period this particular structure called the Sphinx was built . But why not simple " INSCRIBE THE DATE ITSELF . THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE EASIER IS THE DATE WAS MENTIONED IN THE STONE / ROCK ITSELF " ?

Because , during those days , nobody was using a perfect Calendar . The Sumerians had their own Calendar , The Egyptians had their own calendar , Indians had their own calendar , Mayans had their own calendar , so it made no sense to mention the date , but to which AGE IT BELONGED . And they did it absolutely perfectly . You see , today all of us , use the Gregorian Calendar worldwide and hence , we are on the same date and year , but instead imagine if we start using the SAKA calendar , how will we connect to those of the other people in this world , who use the Gregorian Calendar.

Further the Spinx is all weathered through out its Body . Such weathering can only happen if there are incessant rains or rainfall . Egypt started becoming a Desert Land sometime from later 7th Millennium B.C.E onwards slowly but surely . We know now that the Sahara Desert was a fertile land . Infact Sahara Desert is the newest Desert on this Planet . That means that this structure had to be built during the times , when there were massive rainfall in Egypt . After all we all know that the Great Sphinx was found buried in sand most of the times , by most of the people who kept finding it , including Napoleon Bonaparte , who had to clear the sand to see the Sphinx . How can the Sphinx be weathered , if it was already covered by sand ? So , we have evidence that the Sphinx was built much before any dynasty of Pharaoh's ever appeared in Egypt . So , who built the SPHINX then ?


In the first 4 PARTS of this mystery , I have taken you to Ancient Egypt and we saw that the Age of the Sphinx is at least from 10,500 B.C.E . As I had already said that in this mystery we will have to travel a lot from one place to another , I bring to India now . You see , RUDRA or Shiva is always depicted with a BULL call NANDI . People say that NANDI is the Vehicle of Rudra . The first image is from the Chamundi Hills , Mysore which I had a great luck to visit with my parents during my childhood days . This massive Bull is made completely out of Stone . Huge architecture . The Word " NANDI " comes from the Tamil word " PANDI " meaning a BULL . Nandi in the Indian texts is actually depicted as a Vehicle of RUDRA , Also a warrior of RUDRA , Also a Secretary of RUDRA etc . The Shivaic texts are incomplete without the mention of Nandi .

Worldwide , where ever there is a Shiva Temple , there would be a sculpture of NANDI outside the Temple of Shiva . This particular Bull always faces towards the Main Door entrance of the Temple and when anybody actually enters the Temple through the main entrance , NANDI ACTUALLY GREETS PEOPLE SHOWING HIS ASS . I don't know , if Hindus ever notice all of this that I am sharing now . Nandi does not care for You at all and that is the reason , he says " KISS MY ASS " . Anyways , there is a reason for . Nandi's primary reason for showing us his ASS is that , NANDI has to look EAST . JUST LIKE THE GREAT SPHINX OF EGYPT .

People normally do not understand " WHY HINDU TEMPLES ARE BUILT ON TOP OF HILLS , MOUNTAINS AND CLIFFS ? " . My question is " WHY DON'T HINDUS THINK ABOUT IT ? " . There is a reason for this . ANY RUDRA TEMPLE OR SHAKTI TEMPLE , can only be built where , there is a Water Source and Where the SUN FALLS DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE PLACE ON SUMMER SOLSTICE . That's Why it is done so .

There is also a Lunar paradox . The Moon is very sacred to the Vedic Hindus and we have evidence that even the Ancient Egyptians had the same kind of reverence for the Moon . Do not think that I shared about the Sphinx out of stupidity , I will connect the joints towards the end of this mystery . This whole thing has taken me 20 years of my life , how can I leave people , without knowledge ?

If You visit a Shiva temple , RUDRA for me , Observe that the Sun will rise in between the TWO HORNS of NANDI ( TAKE NOTE , ONLY IN SHIVA TEMPLES , WHERE THERE IS STONE / ROCK ARCHITECTURE, I Mean Ancient Temples of India , rest of the Temples are Banana Temples ) on Summer Solstice . Uniquely , on Winter Solstice , You will observe exactly the same thing . But Why a BULL , Why Not a Horse instead or Elephant or a Mouse like they have for his Son Ganesha as a Vehicle instead ? WHY & MORE WHY'S in my next Part .


i Quote from the Quran : AYAH an-Nahl 16:43 
" وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَا مِن قَبْلِكَ إِلَّا رِجَالًا نُّوحِي إِلَيْهِمْ فَاسْأَلُوا أَهْلَ الذِّكْرِ إِن كُنتُمْ لَا تَعْلَمُو
لَا تَعْلَمُونَ
And not We sent before you except men, We revealed to them, so ask (the) people (of) the Reminder if you (do) not know. "

According to the the Abrahamic Faiths , the Number 666 is Satanic . Well , CERN Labs in Switzerland is the Most Sophisticated Scientific Laboratories in the Entire Planet . The Abrahamic Faiths should definitely Worry . RUDRA IN CERN , You guys should definitely Worry . Because SCIENCE and GODS don't go together . The Nataraja statue was a Gift from India which the Greatest Scientific minds accepted without any hesitation and Why Not , They know WHO RUDRA IS , Just like I do after spending 20 years in search of this Hindu God . Ramayana took me only 6 and Half Years , but this One was so elusive , I never knew what to tell . The VATIKA , sorry spelling mistake VATICAN should definitely Worry . And ofcourse they should worry , because the Royal Squad of Switzerland is protecting the PAPA for a long long time . THE SYMBOL of the KNIGHT'S TEMPLAR is the National Flag of Switzerland , what more do you want to know , about people and genetic science .

Just to add , what CERN Labs is actually doing . The European Organization for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire), known as CERN derived from the name Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN is an official United Nations Observer. Established in 1954, the organization is based in a northwest suburb of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border, (46°14′3″N 6°3′19″E) and has 22 member states.Israel is the only non-European country granted full membership. ( Haha HAHAHA , JEWS, ( You see Israel ) is the Only Non-European country granted Full Membership. )

The term CERN is also used to refer to the laboratory, which in 2016 had 2,500 scientific, technical, and administrative staff members, and hosted about 12,000 users. In the same year, CERN generated 49 petabytes of data.

CERN's main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research – as a result, numerous experiments have been constructed at CERN through international collaborations. The main site at Meyrin hosts a large computing facility, which is primarily used to store and analyse data from experiments, as well as simulate events. Researchers need remote access to these facilities, so the lab has historically been a major wide area network hub. CERN is also the birthplace of the World Wide Web.

Let us also look at some of the achievement , CERN has already achieved :

Scientific achievements
Several important achievements in particle physics have been made through experiments at CERN. They include:

1973: The discovery of neutral currents in the Gargamelle bubble chamber;
1983: The discovery of W and Z bosons in the UA1 and UA2 experiments;
1989: The determination of the number of light neutrino families at the Large Electron–Positron Collider (LEP) operating on the Z boson peak;
1995: The first creation of antihydrogen atoms in the PS210 experiment;
1999: The discovery of direct CP violation in the NA48 experiment;
2010: The isolation of 38 atoms of antihydrogen;
2011: Maintaining antihydrogen for over 15 minutes;
2012: A boson with mass around 125 GeV/c2 consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson.

In September 2011, CERN attracted media attention when the OPERA Collaboration reported the detection of possibly faster-than-light neutrinos.Further tests showed that the results were flawed due to an incorrectly connected GPS synchronization cable.

The 1984 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer for the developments that resulted in the discoveries of the W and Z bosons. The 1992 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to CERN staff researcher Georges Charpak "for his invention and development of particle detectors, in particular the multiwire proportional chamber". The 2013 Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to François Englert and Peter Higgs for the theoretical description of the Higgs mechanism in the year after the Higgs boson was found by CERN experiments.

THE DANCE OF THE CELESTIAL GODS is not for everybody to understand , but I want everybody to learn the Truth .

Year 1997 , I was told , THE MOTHER WOULD TAKE YOU PLACES , NEVER QUESTION THE MOTHER " by the Aghoris . She has as predicted . I saw places , I never knew existed on this planet . I made friends in Countries , where even today I cannot recite their names properly as far pronunciation is concerned . Who would have thought I would be reading the Old Testament , New Testament and the Quran . Did I say the Quran ? Where they write in Mirror Language of Right to Left . Absolutely sorry , even the Hebrew Bible was written from Right to Left and do you know , WHY PEOPLE TODAY WRITE FROM LEFT TO WRITE LIKE IN THE VEDAS . Because the Left hand does very dirty job early in the Morning , but that dirty job needs to cleaned by Going the Right Way from the Left . But somehow , Righteousness in the Abrahamic religions found a phobia , that What was RIGHT , Should go WRONG , Sorry LEFT instead . It has backfired to the cause of Humanity as a Civilization and has made Humans predators.

But I did not share you a Quranic verse for just show off here . There is a Reason . Just like the Old Testament ( Torah of Jews ) and The New Testament ( Christian Bible ) , The Quran reveals the same Thing . A SACRED KNOWLEDGE THOUGHT BY SOMEONE AND FOR THOSE WHO REMEMBER IT . The Quran reveals this verse multiple times in different ways . What Secret is the Quran also talking about ? And who is the one who knows all the answers .

We will find out , everything in this mystery .


I quote the Biblical Verse from the Christian Bible : MATTHEW 5:14 , New International Version ( NIV ) 
"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden."

The Mystery of RUDRA , would not be anywhere connecting without the experience of the HILL OF TARA in IRELAND . I had found half or more than half of the mystery , after the beginning in the year 1997 .By the year 2002, 5 years from the start , I realized something, something was wrong. I had missed one of the greatest Truths in my study. The Mother of the Aghoris is known to take to you Places. I thought the Aghoris blessings were never to work . And Just when I thought that this blessing was not to work anyway, something else would come up .

Year 2004 , I moved , out of College Hostel into a Single Rented Room as a single tenant on the top floor of the Building . I had the terrace to myself . The Open Skies above . I became acquainted to every star that hit on the horizon . I learnt , How to predict , FULL MOON and NO MOON days without Calendars . The MOON became a part of my Life from the Year 2004 to 2006 and also the Stars . As if , It was very important for me to learn . The Skies taught me , What Love was . The Moon and the Stars , because the Whole day under the Sun was about Working Hard , learning all that the teachers taught in the College, those days were College days , and only time when the mind could actually get time to think was , " WHEN THE STARS CAME UP " . THE HILL OF TARA in IRELAND .

The Phallus still stands , The Mound still stands . Just like the Pyramids in Egypt still Stands . Somewhere I realized , I had not realized the secret code the Aghoris said " RED IS THE COLOUR OF THE MOTHER " .

By the way " HILL OF TARA " actually means in Sanskrit as " HILL OF STARS " . Why did it , take my common sense so long to understand a simple Science ?

The Mystery of the Stone Circles .

I quote from the Quran : Surah-al-Anaam (6:97)
" وَهُوَ الَّذِي جَعَلَ لَكُمُ النُّجُومَ لِتَهْتَدُواْ بِهَا فِي ظُلُمَاتِ الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ قَدْ فَصَّلْنَا الآيَاتِ 
لِقَوْمٍ يَعْلَمُونَ
And He it is Who has made the stars for you that you might follow the right way thereby in the darkness of the land and the sea; truly We have made plain the communications for a people who know."

In my quest for RUDRA , many a times , I thought of giving up. I thought , " HOW CAN SOMEONE EVER FIND A GOD ? ITS AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME " . Everytime , I thought of giving up , I was again reminded , " THE COLOUR OF THE MOTHER IS RED " . This thing kept me ticking like a Clock .

The Vedas had revealed that , " THERE IS NOTHING CALLED TIME " and that , The Past is the Present and the Present is the Future . Why would the Vedas state something like that I wondered ? How can PAST BE THE PRESENT AND HOW CAN PRESENT BE THE FUTURE ? I realized I needed somebody who could explain me the connection .

I visited many many Scholars of Sanskrit , I found their explanation completely stupid . I realized there is only one place to find out the truth , The Epicentre of Tantra itself. The Place of the Mother .

Year 2005 , was not a great year . I saw no Aghoris but a lot of Yogis . I waited for a longtime to find one , whom I felt was good enough to answer my query . Yogis are a little different than Aghoris , The difference is that , THEY DO NOT EAT IN HUMAN SKULLS , thankfully . At the Temple of Tara , there was one sitting. Most Hindus hardly enter this temple . The Last time I went , I was extremely happy to see that this Ancient temple was under renovation in the year 2016 .

He was facing towards TARA , Chanting verse from a Sanskrit text , which was " MY GOODNESS , TEXTS WRITTEN ON A TREE BARK ? " I wondered as it was scarcely visible under the only light available inside the temple sanctum sanctorum , that is " DIYAS / Earthen Lamps " . This guy was chanting verses after verses , I felt very bad to disturb him . I lighted the Diyas , I had bought from a stall nearby , and also the incense sticks . I had bought 5 packets of incense sticks of Rs 10/- each ( or rather I was forced to buy , because the shopkeeper did not have change , So I bought Rs 50 /- of incense sticks , to make the whole number to Rs 100/- along with the Earthen Lamps ). The moment I burned those incense sticks , this Yogi smelled the fragrance . He did not look back at me though and announced , " Ati Uttam / Very Good " . I knew that part was not written in the Verse he was reading. I am not that stupid .

I wanted to announce to him, that I had something on my mind , but How ? So I started with my own " NAUTANKI / ACTING " . I started making a slow buzz , while I went in circles inside Santum Sanctorum of the temple , shoving my hands with the incense sticks burning in Circles , away from the main deity itself and Chanting " Maa Tara , listen to my prayers " . This irked the Yogi . I knew , he was a Yogi , but , unless I irritate , I cannot open these people up . I had learnt my lesson from the Aghoris.

He said " Arey Baccha , MAA yahan hain , aap wahan kya agarbatti ghuman rahein ho / Kid , the mother is here , why are you going in circles away from her ? " . There it was , the opening and I replied " Swamiji aap wahan baithe ho , mein kaise Maa ke pas Agarbatti ghmauon / Swamiji you are sitting there in front of the Mother , how can I get space to light the incense sticks close to her ? " . Immediately came his reaction " Main Swami nahin hon beta , Mein Yogi Hoon / I am not a Swami Son , I am a Yogi " . I had cracked it up .

I spent 3 full hours , alone inside the Temple of Tara , with this man , whom I thought was in the 50's only to later realize , he was 83 years Old . When I came out of the temple , I did think the whole rest of the week " These People do not grow Old ? How the hell they don't ? This man was surely in his 50's by every look , How can he be in his 80's ? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ? "

I will reveal what secrets were revealed during the 3 Hours of initiation of truth I underwent with this Yogi in my next Post and ofcourse do keep a notice of the pictures below . " TIME DOES NOT EXIST , SOMETHING ELSE DOES " !!!

The Mystery of the Stone Circles ( Continued 2 )

The temple of TARA , not to confuse with the HILL OF TARA in IRELAND , is a temple in the Nilachal Hills of Assam. To reach this temple , one has to use the same staircase which leads to the Temple of the Bleeding Mother , Kamakhya . Just before reaching the Kamakhya temple, the Temple of TARA is on the right hand side. It was here, where I was with the Yogi in the year 2005.

I sat down on the lower pedestal , while I allowed the teacher to talk. A Vedic norm to be followed by a student when the teacher spoke to him. Infact that is the reason , why even today our schools and colleges have a higher platform for the teacher than the students, where the students sit on the benches or chairs at a lower podium. It has a sound implication of 45 degree angle. Have you looked closely at the oldest loudspeakers called the “ Bhopu mikes “ ? They bulge out . Infact, most mosques even today use the same loudspeakers. The 45 degree inclination and declination both ways from the centre of the speaker is designed for a good listening and hence students since the Vedic days would sit at a lower pedestal than their teachers for better audibility.

The Yogi started with the story of “ The Churning of the Primordial Waters / Samudra Manthan “. He went on to tell me about “ How SATI would go searching for Rudra , here , there and everywhere “ . I silently smiled and thought to myself. “ Ofcourse that Intoxicated fellow , who else would trouble the Mother so much ? “. Then he went to tell me about the story of destruction , which KALI unleashed , while we are so familiar with the iconic statue we all witness. He explained the concept of Yuga and how the World is in a continuous process of creation and destruction. Listening to these mythologies from the mouth of a Vedic was far different an experience compared to listening to the same mythologies from a Brahmin priest. I had lost count of time, neither I realized that other people entered in the Sanctum Sanctorum and lighted Diyas and incense sticks and had left . It was as if , I was in a state of Trance myself.

I had entered the temple at around 11.40 A.M and as I bowed to the Yogi and touched his feet , I gave him the packet of sweets I had actually bought for the Goddess itself. I thought in my mind “ After all , an idol would anyway not eat them ? “ . Just as I was about to leave , the Yogi called from behind and said “ Beta , Pathar bhi sun sakte hain / Son, even stones can hear “ . I was in a state of shock and slowly looked back at him and wondered “ What more now , You guys can read other people’s minds ? How did you come to know what I was thinking ? Or was it just a co-incidence ? “.

He continued “ Log kahtein hain ki , hum patharon ki puja karte hain ( People say that, we pray to stone idols ) Unhe kya pata ki pathoron mein bhi sachai hoti hain ( They don’t even know stones also carry truth ) “ and pointing to the walls of the temple , he said “ Inh pathoron ne satya dekha hain ( These stones have seen the truth )” . These words echoed in my ears . STONES THAT SPEAK THE TRUTH !!! I Grasped it. It was a CODE.

When I came out of the temple , all of a sudden I felt dizzy, my brain seemed to be going in circles . I immediately sat down on the very first step of the temple . I thought possibly because I was sitting in complete darkness for so long and now having come out of the temple and straight away to the bright sunlight of the scorching sun at 2.15 P.M in a hot and humid afternoon , was possibly the reason or the other possibility may have been because I was inhaling the smoke of the Earthen lamps and the incense sticks for so long , that was causing the dizziness. All of a sudden, a new truth emerged. I looked back and realized that the Temple stood upto its name “ TARA “ . Even when there was so bright sunlight outside , it was completely dark inside the Temple. Afterall the Temple was dedicated to the Goddess of Stars , why would they make it possible for light to enter the temple afterall ? TARA is connected with Darkness. And there it was . Another important thing, we should note that TARA and KALI are inseparable . And we all know, KALI is invoked and worshiped only at Night. Even KALI puja is performed only at night .

Another massive revelation would pop out , out of nowhere. The Temple’s Entrance . The Co-ordinates seem to reveal , a different kind of latitude and longitude, unlike most of the Hindu temples which align to the geographic North and East. The Question now was , “ Were our Ancient ancestors , smart enough to know the co-ordinates in a way , which made the Temple remain DARK even during the Brightest days of Summer ? “. We will find out the Truth in our later posts. STONES THAT SPEAK THE TRUTH.

In my next Part , we slowly start a massive journey into finding the eternal TRUTH of WHO IS RUDRA ?


I quote another verse from the Quran. Surah Al-Jathiyah 45:5
وَاخۡتِلَافِ الَّيۡلِ وَالنَّهَارِ وَمَاۤ اَنۡزَلَ اللّٰهُ مِنَ السَّمَآءِ مِنۡ رِّزۡقٍ فَاَحۡيَا بِهِ الۡاَرۡضَ بَعۡدَ 
مَوۡتِهَا وَ تَصۡرِيۡفِ الرِّيٰحِ اٰيٰتٌ لِّقَوۡمٍ يَّعۡقِلُوۡنَ‏
And in the succession of night and day, and in the provision that Allah sends down from the sky wherewith He gives life to the earth after it had been lifeless,and in the change of the winds: (in all these) there are Signs for people who use reason."

The reason I have been using the Biblical verses and the Quranic verses so far , is because I want people to READ THEIR HOLY BOOKS FIRST AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT . Let us continue from where we left in PART (9) .

World over, we have evidence of Stone Circles and Dolmens. The most famous, Ofcourse The Great Stonehenge. But on a closer inspection, we find that Stone Cirlcles and Dolmens were not restricted to a particular set of people, but it seems with all the archaeological evidence that, infact the Whole World was practicing the same thing for thousands of years. In India alone, more than 700+ such stone circles have been found. The most famous however is the ones in Junapani, where more than 150+ such stone circles have been found. It is now very clearly known that these stone circles were more for ritualistic purpose and had very close association with the ancient astronomical observatory centres. I also agree with many scholars who state that , the possible use of Stone Circles could actually be to recognize their dead ancestors who were buried there and a stone circle was created to mark the place of the deceased . Infact , we have records to state that the ancient Nubians ( Today's Sudan where the Highest number of Pyramids exist and not Egypt in actuality , did practice such a behaviour of burying their dead and later surround the place by placing Stone Circles . Having said that , we have limited access to Skeletal remains . More shocing is the one in Nabta Playa , which I will cover in Great Detail later in this mystery . Remember, I am trying to Track a God here, not a Human . 20 years , he eluded me , but No Longer .

It has become very well known that, our ancient ancestors were not simply Hunter Gatherers, but were far advanced scientists as well. After all, we as mankind, still don’t know “ HOW THE HELL, THEY BUILT THE GREAT PYRAMIDS ? “. The question is “ How can Human Beings without machines carry stones which weighed from anywhere between 2.5 Tons to 30 Tons all the way from a quarry hundreds of miles away and lifted those stones to the 25th to 35th layer of the Great Pyramids and put them in perfect order in direct relation with geometry, trigonometry , calculus and Pi ratios ?” . There must be a God.

But now the question is “ Why were they making the Stone Circles? “.

For the ancient people were far more smarter than people of today. The ancients knew the Skies very well . They knew which Star was in which part of the horizon. Even today, many nomadic tribes like the Tebu people of Sahara, can find their ways through the Night Sky and make their journey solely depending on the directions of the Stars. But which Star ? 
The ancients, over thousands of millennium had identified the various constellations , for example the 12 Zodiac signs which we have like Leo, Cancer etc. Over thousands of years, they had learnt that the Stars do not remain in the same position, but keep on changing their courses with time. They had also learnt, how over time , The Sun keeps moving into new constellations over a period of every 2160 years . The Vedics called it the change of Yuga. For example, in the Year 2012, Our civilization entered “ The Age of Aquarius “ . The Mayan prophecy of a Global apocalypse was actually the true indication of the Change of Yuga , that in 2012 , the World will enter the Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces . This is reason, why Christianity uses the symbol of a FISH ( Pisces ) because Christianity was born during the period of Pisces. In ancient times, when Christianity was just in its infancy stage, people who were the earliest member of Christianity would use the symbol of a Fish to identity each other. One member will draw half of the Fish, and if the other member knew what it meant , he would draw the other half of the Fish . And they used it during the initial harassment days to save themselves from the Romans.

The question again is which Star ?

The ancients had identified that the Star Sirius was not only the brightest star in the Sky , but followed a very corresponding precession of 365 day every year. Perfectly matching the Earth’s own revolution around the Sun. They realized , keeping track of the Star Sirius, was the perfect way to predict the changes of season . Infact we today have solid evidence that The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the "dog days" of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians in the Southern Hemisphere the star marked winter and was an important reference for their navigation around the Pacific Ocean. The Star SIRIUS was absolutely a Serious affair for the ancient Ancestors worldwide.

We also need to remember : 
1. Precession is a gyrating motion of Earth’s axis, which causes the planet to wobble like a spinning top, making a complete cycle every twenty-six thousand years or so. ( 2160 years * 12 Zodiac signs ).

2. Obliquity is the angle of tilt that Earth’s axis makes with the plane of its orbit around the sun. This angle moves up and down in a slow cycle of about forty-one thousand years, known as the obliquity of the ecliptic. Today the angle is 23.4 degrees, but, for example, in 5000 BCE it was about 24.1 degrees. Like the precession cycle, astrophysicists today can calculate with a great deal of accuracy exact changes in past and future obliquity.

3. Eccentricity is the elongatedness (that is, the perihelion and aphelion) of Earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun, which changes in a complex cycle of about one hundred thousand years.

In my next Part , we track " Precession and the Zodiacal Belt " .

Current Location : Ancient Mesopotamia ( Iraq , Southern Iran , Syria ) .

As I had mentioned in the beginning of this mystery, That we will have to travel a lot to understand, who is this Mysterious Blue Alien Called by the Hindus as " RUDRA / SHIVA " .

We are all aware now that the period between 4400 and 2200 B.C.E. It is the age defined by the Sun being in the constellation of Taurus on the spring equinox.. THE AGE OF TAURUS or Simply the AGE OF THE BULL . Shiva or RUDRA , is associated with a BULL called " NANDI " , the word which originated from the Tamil Word " PANDI " meaning a BULL . In my earliest of Posts relating to this mystery , I had started with The Great Sphinx of Giza , Egypt for a reason . We have evidence today that the Sphinx was far more older than what conventional Egyptologists state as being . Egyptology today is being safe guarded by the Arab Muslims and the Orthodox Christians. Simple to understand , why so . Because, Their so called Holy Books state that the World began in the time frame of 4000 B.C.E only and that this world is just a little more than 6000 years into existence. When the reality is put forth , that the Sphinx was built in "Age of Leo Constellation" around 10,450 B.C.E , and we are talking 12000 + years from today , Their BALLS GET FRIED . How long will they save their Gods , they only know ??? Anyways , In Ancient Mesopotamia , the BULL with a Bearded Manly Face was called " Lamassu " . This protector was the sovereign protector of all ancient Temples built during the Assyrian and later which ever people came . Even the Sumerians hinted at being followers of the BULL. Incidentally, right at the Time when The Sumerian Civilization went into non-existence , The Harappa Civilization ( Indus Saraswati Civilization or Indus Valley Civilization as the the Western Scholars like to name it ) rose up to its Greatest Height , when the Sumerian Civilization was decimated for reasons unknown . How amazing an Irony ? Lets move forward .

The Problem today is , not the fact that People do not have access to knowledge . The Problem today is , with People's Priorities . In the year 2008, My wife who was still an eligible girl to get married and I went to a restaurant for a Pizza together. We were only courting those days. There another young couple turned up and they seemed to be in such a Hurry for the Pizza , I found it very unique. Here I was more happy to witness , our Pizzas were getting late from being delivered and hence we got more time to talk to each other , and there they were , Restless as if the Pizza does not arrive in another 5 minutes , they would die . Where the Hell was this word called Love , I wondered ?

Similarly , when it comes to learning , if there is no respect for Books , How can people even think of being knowledgeable . At 6.3% Vedics in the Country and of course , the SECOND MOST POPULOUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD , I believe , many of them can be switched off permanently for wasting OXYGEN of this planet . Unnecessary Burden on this planet . Neither they learn and what do they talk . POLITICS , RELIGION , GODS ? What kind of idiots are we dealing with here . If these set of people stop breathing , this Planet would be far more respected in actuality .

In my next Part " I start with Precession and the Zodiacal Belt " in detail .

Current Location : Ancient PERSIA ( TODAY'S IRAN ) .

The ancient Persians ( Iranians of today ) were also followers of the BULL , much like their previous successful civilizations of Sumerians , Assyrians and Babylonians. Even today much of ancient Iran , especially the Southern part of it which had been a part of the ancient Assyrian territory has much archaeological history to showcase this unique extravaganza of a delightful historical connection.

For those of you, who had read my previous mystery of “ THE SECRET OF THE ELAMITES “ would recall, how the ancient Elamites ( or today’s Dravidians of South India and Sri Lanka ) were ousted by King Assurbanipal . And how the Elamites were made to move out of the Mesopotamian territory ( today’s Iraq ( Airaka in ancient Sanskrit texts ) , Iran ( Airan in ancient Sanskrit texts ) and Syria ( Assur in ancient Sanskrit texts, because Syria was known as Assyria in ancient times ) . 
The Vedic texts hence mention people , who had come from Assyria and settled in India as Assura / Assuras. A wrong interpretation of the Vedic texts or possibly a forced interpretation by the Aryans who later moved into the Indian Subcontinent mentioned Assuras as demons instead of highlighting the true connection with ancient Mesopotamia.

In my other mystery of “ The Mystery of Ramayana “ , I had given all evidence that highlight that King Rama ( originally Rim Sin ) was actually born in AGADE of IRAQ and not Ayodhya of India. King Rama was an Assyrian king of Elamite origin. The initial builders of the Empire of Persia ( Today’s Iran were Elamites / Black people of the Dravidian race which live in Southern India of today ) .

When we turn our focus into the Vedic texts , we are made assure of the fact that , the Vedas talk about civilizations which were on the West of the Indian Subcontinent mainly Sumeria , Assyria and Egypt. Egypt is largely mentioned as AJIPATI in the ancient Sanskrit texts . Infact the name of the Blue and most famous river of Egypt “ NILE “ has its origin in the Sanskrit word “ NEILA “ meaning “ BLUE “.

The Harappa civilization / Indus Saraswati civilization was constantly in trade with the Sumerians, Assyrians , Egyptians and the Persians . Today we have archaeological evidence in the form of seals of Indus valley found as far as Egypt and Syria and beyond.

The Indus Saraswati civilization is today considered to be as old as from 8000 B.C.E from the radio- carbon dating of organic material found in those sites . Having said that, we need to understand that stones / rocks cannot be carbon dated. Even today , we have no scientific method of calculating the age of stones / rocks. Age of a particular archaeological site is decided by the organic matter found in the vicinity of the site. We have every reason to believe . Sumerians and Indus Valley civilization existed side by side at the earliest of earliest mankind’s history . However , another key point is to be noted that the Harappa civilization ( Indus Valley Civilization ) was making planned cities out of Bricks and not stones / rocks . Which implies that , when the Sumerian civilization was declining , the Great benefit was extorted with people from Mesopotamia moving into the Indus Saraswati basin . The Vedas which were written in Indus Saraswati basin were re-collections of the ancient Great Mesopotamian , Assyrian , Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations . And when such a thing did happen into a cultural mix , can the God’s be left out . Of course not. AND THE BULL, ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!

So far in this mystery we have travelled through ancient Egypt , Mesopotamia and Persia . I had shared the mystery of Dilmun , Magan and Meluha earlier and hence I would not repeat anything much in detail . We are already aware that Dilmun ( Qatar , Kuwait , Yemen and Saudi Arabia ) , Magan ( today’s Oman ) and Meluha ( today’s India ) were all followers of Rudra .

The Arab lands were inhabited since known antiquity by various Bedouin tribes . These tribes kept on fighting with each other since long antiquity for food, land and water resources . After the World War II , one such Bedouin tribes was encouraged by the British to take up ownership of a big mass of land in Arabia called Saudi Arabia today. This particular Bedouin tribe , compared to the other Bedouin tribes was a hardcore orthodox followers of Islam. This family is known as the Al Saud clan ( Al in Arabic means THE ) , the current monarchy of Saudi Arabia to whom the country owns its today’s name. And the Islamic philosophy the Al Saud family believed in is known as Wahhabism , the reason for total chaos on this planet today.

We will continue with our quest for the " SECRET OF RUDRA " in the next part .

Current Location : ANCIENT EGYPT ( AJIPATI) . 

So far, we have seen the historical relevance of the BULL in entire mankind’s civilizations throughout much of the world . We have seen the main reason of the worship of the BULL was primarily because mankind those days were in the AGE OF TAURUS / AGE OF THE BULL constellation . Further as humans started writing texts initially as rock/ cave art, later hieroglyphs and petroglyphs , later cuneiform writing and finally texts with words like Aramaic, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Tamil. We also have so far seen the association of the BULL with RUDRA and how the BULL called Nandi was so revered by the entire world since its first inclusion as the GREAT SPHINX OF GIZA , Egypt as a Lion , during the Period of 10,450 B.C.E when it was carved during the AGE OF LEO / AGE OF LION constellation.

The ancient Egyptians are the foremost important link in understanding the mystery of who RUDRA was or is. As the Aghoris had blessed me saying “ THE COLOUR OF THE MOTHER IS RED “ , I had to find that RED somehow. 

From the ancient Egyptian papyrus texts , it has been found that the ancient Bedouin people , the Arabs of today use to make annual pilgrimage to the 3 Great Pyramids of Giza . The Bedouin people were however not the only people to make pilgrimage to the Great Pyramids . The People of Harran and Canaan , whose great detail is found in the Hebrew Bible also made pilgrimage of the Great Pyramid of Giza . Not many people know this , but Egyptians even today circumbulate around the Great pyramid before ever setting their foot on any of the Stones of the Great Pyramid. In ancient times, people would circumbulate the Great Pyramid 3 or 7 times during their annual pilgrimage .The Egyptian texts further give massive importance the “ SUMMER SOLSTICE “ which use to happen right in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza. It was considered one of the most sacred ritual for the ancient people of Egypt , Harran, Canaan and Bedouin tribes. Much like , what Hindus , Jains and Buddhists do at MT. KAILASH in the Himalayas, which also has 3 man-made pyramids, where they circumbulate around Mt.Kailash 3 or 7 times even today.

Now the question is “ WHY DID THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS , HARRANS, CANAANITE AND BEDOUIN PEOPLE CIRCUMBULATE THE GREAT PYRAMID ? “ . The answer is long known , but the Arab orthodox Muslim and Christian Egyptologists want to hide the answer for fear of their non-sensical religions dying . The answer is the “ INVENTORY STELA” which Egyptologists say it as a fake . But , if it was fake , why even have it in the first place ? If it was fake , Why does other ancient Egyptian texts support the fact that in ancient times , The Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx were places of annual pilgrimage ?

In my next Post , we will find out , why the ancient people living in and around the region of Arabia , Israel , Mesopotamia and Egypt , Nubia ( Today's Sudan ) would go for an annual Pilgrimage to the Great Pyramids of Giza , Egypt and circumblate around the Great Pyramid and pray to that Pyramid .


Current Location : EGYPT ( AJIPATI ) . 
The Mystery of the Inventory Stela :

Inventory Stela : 
The Inventory Stela (also known as King's Daughter's Stela) is an Ancient Egyptian commemorative tablet dating to the 26th Dynasty (c. 670 BC). It was found in Giza during the 19th century. The stela presents a list of 22 divine statues owned by a Temple of Isis, and goes on to claim that the temple existed since before the time of Khufu (c. 2580 BC).

The stela was discovered in 1858 at Giza by the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, during excavations of the Isis temple. The tablet was located very close to the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Description :
The original size of the tablet is unknown, since it was already damaged at the time of its discovery. The creation of the stela can be dated back to the 26th Dynasty during the Saite Period around 670 BC. The Inventory Stela is made of polished granite and decorated with a commemorative inscription and a so-called apparition window. The apparition window names 22 divine statues of different deities, the statues are claimed to have been part of the temple's belongings. The statues are figurely depicted and their material and size are also described.

The commemorative text is engraved on the U-shaped frame around the apparition window. It praises the gods Isis, Mistress of the pyramidsand Osiris, Lord of Rosta. After this, the inscription claims that the Isis temple was already at its place before the pyramids had been erected and that the temple was discovered by Khufu east of the great pyramid at the "house of Harmakhis" (i.e. the Sphinx temple). Then it claims that Khufu first "built the temple of Isis anew" and then built a pyramid for the "king's daughter Henutsen". Finally, the goddess Isis is praised and again entitled as "mistress of the pyramids".

Historical Importance : ( From Wikipedia )
The credibility of the Inventory Stela is viewed by Historians and Egyptologists with great caution. The text contains many anachronisms and its elaboration is poor. To the scholars it is obvious that the stela was a purposeful fake, created by the local priests with the attempt to certify the Isis temple an ancient history it never had. Such an act became common when religious institutions such as temples, shrines and priests' domains where fighting for political attention and for financial and economic donations.

But the oldest ruins of the Isis temple date back to the Middle Kingdom period, when many mastaba tombs at Giza were demolished in attempt to make space for newer tombs and temples. The Isis temple was built at the very corner of the queen's pyramid G1-c, which is today believed to be Queen Henutsen's tomb. A first, direct proof for fakery is the circumstance that Khufu is introduced by his Horus name first, not by his birth name inside a cartouche, as it was actually common at this time. Secondly, it mentions the goddess Isis. But Isis' name does not verifiably occur before king(pharaoh) Nyuser-Rê of 5th Dynasty and she never had a title as "mistress of the pyramid(s)". And, third of all, Henutsen was a queen consort, her actual parents are unknown and she is not known to have borne the title "king's daughter".

Despite these non-sensical scholarly conclusions which these idiotic Egyptologists are trying to provide and hide the true facts that the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx were built much ahead of the times of the Egyptian Pharoahs , they still bluntly state that The Inventory Stela is a fake . They should know , they can’t save their Gods . It is the duty of the Gods to save them, if he or she does exist !!!

BUT THEN THE NEXT QUESTION IS “ WHO IS ISIS ? “ . We will find out the truth in this mystery. And every TRUTH in this mystery . As the Aghoris said “ SATYA , SATYA , SATYA “ .

In my next Part , we continue to track " RUDRA ".

Current Location : INDIA . Secret of Rishab Lingam & Purushamriga.

Everytime, I got stuck along my research work, I knew the only place the answer could be found was at the Place of the Mother itself. Year 2011, I returned to the place of the Mother at the Nilachal Hills and this time I visited the Bagalamukhi temple. I had no idea , why the Mother would want me to search for Rudra in Egypt and not in Mt.Kailash ? Why was the Mother pointing me to the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt ? Why was the Mother pointing me to the Great Pyramids of Giza and not somewhere near to a place in India itself for the answer of “ WHO RUDRA WAS OR IS ? “ .
I sat inside the Cave Temple for over 2 Hours alone with a Brahmin chanting verses, some yards apart. Sitting all my myself. Wondering WHY ? This particular Goddess is known as the Mother of Speech and Wisdom. It is said in the texts that Bagalamukhi can make, even the most Idiot of speakers sound eloquent and wise and the wisest to sound stupidest in the world . She is considered as one of the Mahavidyas ( Greatest of Secret Divine knowledge ).

After 2 hours, I came out of the Cave Temple and was slowly walking up the steps, when I heard a woman shouting “ RISHABH ….. RISHABH … BABA NODAURIBA. PORI JABA / RISHABH ….RISHABH ….SON DON’T RUN. YOU WILL FALL “ . The young kid was running down the staircase towards the Bagalamukhi temple, while his mother followed, slowly walking down the stairs.

“RISHABH “ I wondered, “ A very nice name “ . RISHABH ….. My goodness, came a realization. Rishabh is the name given to Rudra, by the Jain Tirthankara monks. The name Rishabh originated from the Sanskrit word , “ BRISHABH “ meaning a BULL and “ BRISHABH “ also stands for the Constellation of TAURUS in Indian Astrology. What a co-incidence was this ?

The moment I reached home, I opened up my laptop and Googled “ Jainism and Shiva connection “ and the first thing that came up was “ ADI YOGI “ . I already knew about this connection that Jain monks considered Rudra as the first Great Sage. I was in for more shock later . I looked at the Rishabh Lingam , the form of Shiva Lingam the Jain Tirthankaras prayed to , and Wallah , “Exact Replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza’s Base design“ and this was the only reason I took my wife to “ Surya Pahar” in Goalpara, Assam this year , to show her the Rishabh Lingam which is carved on one of the rocks on the Hill of Surya Pahar .

Even more , mystery was to unfold “ THE PURUSHAMRIGA / PURUSHA MRUGA “ depiction of Rudra’s favourite devotee and that place was definitely given to Nandi in Indian texts. The Indian version of the Sphinx. I could not believe what was happening. How can, so many Truths unfold, in minutes to me, when in years, It did not happen to even come to my knowledge. The Purushamriga is also depicted sometimes as similar to the Mesopotamian , Assyrian , Persian version of “LAMASSU “.The fact that, From Egypt to India, such a massive connection existed was the biggest unfolding to bolster my faith that , inorder to understand the “ Secret of Rudra “ I had to understand “ Ancient Egypt “ first and their Gods.


At this point, it has become imperative for me to explain the different Gods and Goddesses which the Ancient Egyptians had . The reason is , the Ancient Egyptian religion was a polytheistic religion meaning multiple Gods and Goddesses just like Hinduism of today . Unlike the monotheistic religions of the Abrahamic faiths , ancient Egyptians revered to many deities . It is also important to note that, Ancient Egyptians believed in the concept of duality. Meaning “ THERE MUST BE A GODDESS FOR EVERY GOD “ . For them everything was dual in nature, much like the Vedic philosophy itself. So let us understand, who these Gods were.

Many people find the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses confusing. Especially because much of their Gods and Goddesses are half human , half bird or half human , half animal kind of representations. Infact it took me 12 years to understand their Gods and Goddesses and to understand their different purposes for which they were invoked. Infact , Hindus still have far too many Gods and Goddesses then the ancient Egyptians.

For the Ancient Egyptians , the earliest of the earliest God was called “ ATUM “ . He was the first of the first known God ever described in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. ATUM was the Sun God . At this juncture , we need to remind ourselves that for the ancient humans , THE SUN was the most important deity . Every ancient civilization prayed to the Sun , because the Sun itself signified , good health , good rains, good flooding of rivers , good harvest etc etc. Everywhere on this planet ancient humans , revered the Sun as a God, because they knew that , not only was the Sun the source of life on this planet but also for every flora and fauna that exists on this Planet . One primary reason maybe , because mankind had seen the worst phase of their lives in ancient antiquity during the GREAT ICE AGE which seemed to have been present upto 12,000 B.C.E and they would have cognitive memory of what can happen , when the Sun does not shine . Throughout the world , Sun worshipping is noticed . In India , Surya ( Sun God ) is also called as RAVI and it is from Ravi where the name Ravibaar ( Sunday ) originated. Even today , the Jew Priests are called RABBI , In ancient Persia and the Roman Empire as well as ancient Greek civilizations , the Cult of Sun God was practiced as “ Varuna Mithra “ . Ravi is the most ancient name of the Sun God in the Vedas as well as Surya . Infact , just like the ancient Egyptians, Indian Vedics have multiple names for Surya itself. It is very common to find 108 names or 1008 names for the same deity in Hinduism . Just Google 108 names of “ Type God / Goddess name “ of any Hindu deity and you will find all of them . Similarly, the ancient Egyptians used the same deity with multiple names and multiple different images in their hieroglyphs .

The Egyptian God “ ATUM “ at a later date in the Early Dynasty of the Egyptians had been renamed as “ ATUM RA “. Many people think, they are different gods , because the representation on the hieroglyphs are a little different sometimes . But , we find similar situations is representations of Hindu deities in Northern India and Southern India , the deities look a little more like the people who created them. For example , the Hindu Durga’s statue created for Durga Puja in the state of West Bengal looks much different than the ones created for the same Durga puja in the North Eastern state of Assam. But it’s the same deity.

In my Next Part , we will see ,this Massive Connection in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon of Gods in detail.

Current Location : ANCIENT EGYPT . " UNDERSTANDING THE EGYPTIAN GODS - Continued Part B " .

In some Egyptians texts , the Sun God was mentioned as “ RA ATUM “ as well. In later stages , the name “ ATUM “is all together missing and the God is mentioned as “RA “ only . It was simple to understand that , with different Pharaohs coming into power , the Pharaoh would like to associate with the God himself to show his people that he was divinely and hence slight alterations kept happening. Further,we need to note that unlike today’s Countries , Kingdoms used to invade each other’s lands and in doing so , they made other people and lands their subjects . To make these outsiders accept the same Gods , minor alterations had to be done to the names of the Gods themselves for uniformity throughout the established Kingdom. Egypt was no different.

India witnessed the same thing. When India was spread much towards today’s Afghanistan ( Ancient Bactria ) and Parthia ( East Iran) , their Gods were also incorporated within the Indian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and hence Varuna Mithra is also found in the Indian texts . The cult of Mithra was more oriented towards Persia ( Iran ) .

In later phases , the name of the Sun God during middle dynasty was changed to “ATEN RA “ . ATEN stood for the Sun during Middle dynasty for ancient Egypt. Pharaohs would use the term Aten towards the end of their names . Meaning followers of the Sun God “ ATEN “ . Pharaoh Akhenaten ( see the use of the name Aten ) would become the history’s greatest traitor of Ancient Egypt. He would stop worship of Gods in ancient Egypt and start a new cult of “ AMUN RA “. Amun was the MOON GOD . All of a sudden , Egypt was turned into a boiling Supernova. The change of God did not go well with the citizens and the Priests of Egypt . REMEMBER the word Monotheistic ( believer of only one God ) originated from the Word “ MOONTHEISM “ .Believers of the Moon deity . Akhenaten changed his name to Akhenamun . He named his children as “ AMUN “ . And hence the most famous Pharoah prince of Egypt , whom everybody knows as the Boy Prince “ TUTANKHAMUN “ . Tutankhamun’s original name was Tutankhaten . Akhenaten also named his daughter as “ Akhensenamun “, her original name was “ Akhensenakhaten “ .

This change by Pharaoh Akhenaten would be the result of split in Ancient Egypt religious philosophy. A new Religion was going to be created because of this massive blunder . That religion will later be called as “ JEW RELIGION “ and Akhenaten will be remembered by his followers as “MOSES “.

Akhenaten was banished from Egypt and he along with his followers left Egypt, just like the Hebrew Bible states about Moses and his followers out of Egypt. This monstrous event in history will create the greatest dividing barrier among Humans. New stupidity had been brought to mankind. First came the stupidity called Jews , just when they settled down , a Bigger stupidity called Christianity was invented by the Romans and just when this planet was getting use to this stupidity , a greater non-sense called Islam had come to existence . Rubbish and more rubbish piled up in the last 4000 years of human history .

When Egypt was limping back to its older roots of Sun worshipping after ouster of Pharaoh Akhenaten, the Sun God was renamed as “ Ra Horakhti “ and was represented as a Falcon head . The same God was changing names after names . By the time, the Great Macedonian , Alexander the Great took over Egypt and later the Roman conquest of Egypt , “ Ra Horakhti “ was renamed by the Romans as “ Horus “ . The falcon face remained , but from “ATUM” to “ ATUM RA “ to “ RA ATUM “ to “RA ATEN “ to “ATEN “ to AMUN RA ( Moon God brought by Pharaoh Akhenaten ) to “ RA HORAKHTI “ to finally “Horus “. The same God , multiple names had been assigned . The Sun God had gone through a lot of phases of name change just , as years changed and seasons changed.

We have now understood , how important the Sun God was for the ancient Egyptians and infact , if we closely look at Hindus , most of our own festivals are surrounded around the Solar calendar itself. Our New Year in April as Baisakhi / Bihu / Bishu etc are connected to the Solar Equinox. We share a common heritage with the ancients of the World including Egypt or Ajipati.

My search for Rudra continues. We will head towards " NABTA PLAYA, EGYPT " in my next Post . We are searching for a GOD , we need to remember that, not a road side Romeo here . " THE COLOUR OF THE MOTHER IS RED " The Aghoris had said to me. I will find, the Mother First and then "RUDRA ".

Current Location : Nabta Playa , Southern Egypt , 100 Kms from Abu Simbel .

Nabta Playa :

Nabta Playa was once a large internally drained basin in the Nubian Desert, located approximately 800 kilometers south of modern-day Cairo or about 100 kilometers west of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt, 22.51° north, 30.73° east. Today the region is characterized by numerous archaeological sites.

Early history:

Although today the western Egyptian desert is totally dry, this was not always the case. There is good evidence that there were several humid periods in the past (when up to 500 mm of rain would fall per year), the most recent one during the last interglacial and early last glaciation periods which stretched between 130,000 and 70,000 years ago. During this time, the area was a savanna and supported numerous animals such as extinct buffalo and large giraffes, varieties of antelope and gazelle. Beginning around the 10th millennium BC, this region of the Nubian Desert began to receive more rainfall, filling a lake.Early people may have been attracted to the region due to the source of water.

Archaeological findings may indicate human occupation in the region dating to at least somewhere around the 10th and 8th millennia BC. Fred Wendorf, the site's discoverer, and ethno-linguist Christopher Ehret have suggested that the people who occupied this region at that time were early pastoralists, or like the Saami practiced semi-pastoralism (although this is disputed by other sources because the cattle remains found at Nabta have been shown to be morphologically wild in several studies, and nearby Saharan sites such as Uan Afada in Libya were penning wild Barbary sheep, an animal that was never domesticated). The people of that time consumed and stored wild sorghum, and used ceramics adorned by complicated painted patterns created perhaps by using combs made from fish bone and which belong to a general pottery tradition strongly associated with the southern parts of the sahara (e.g., of the Khartoum mesolithic and various contemporary sites in Chad) of that period. Analysis of human remains by Fred Wendorf and reported in "Holocene Settlement of the Egyptian Sahara", based on osteologicaldata suggests a subsaharan origin for the site's inhabitants.} Several scholars also support a Nilo-Saharan linguistic affinity for the Nabta people; including Fred Wendorf and Christopher Ehret.

By the 7th millennium BC, exceedingly large and organized settlements were found in the region, relying on deep wells for sources of water.Huts were constructed in straight rows Sustenance included fruit, legumes, millets, sorghum and tubers.Also in the late 7th millennium BC, but a little later than the time referred to above, imported goats and sheep, apparently from Western Asia,appear. Many large hearths also appear.

Organisation :

Archaeological discoveries reveal that these prehistoric peoples led livelihoods seemingly at a higher level of organization than their contemporaries who lived closer to the Nile Valley. The people of Nabta Playa had above-ground and below-ground stone construction, villages designed in pre-planned arrangements, and deep wells that held water throughout the year.

Findings also indicate that the region was occupied only seasonally, most likely only in the summer period, when the local lake filled with water for grazing cattle. Comparative research indicated that the indigenous inhabitants may have a significantly more advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics than previously thought possible.

Religious ties to ancient Egypt:

By the 6th millennium BC, evidence of a prehistoric religion or cult appears, with a number of sacrificed cattle buried in stone-roofed chambers lined with clay. It has been suggested that the associated cattle cult indicated in Nabta Playa marks an early evolution of Ancient Egypt's Hathor cult. For example, Hathor was worshipped as a nighttime protector in desert regions (see Serabit el-Khadim). To directly quote professors Wendorf and Schild:
"... there are many aspects of political and ceremonial life in prehistoric Egypt and the Old Kingdom that reflects a strong impact from Saharan cattle pastoralists...".

Nevertheless, though the religious practices of the region involving cattle suggest ties to Ancient Egypt, Egyptologist Mark Lehner cautions:
It makes sense, but not in a facile, direct way. You can't go straight from these megaliths to the pyramid of Djoser.

Other subterranean complexes are also found in Nabta Playa, one of which included evidence of what Wendorf described as perhaps "the oldest known sculpture in Egypt.

Possible use for astronomical observations:

By the 5th millennium BC these peoples had fashioned what may be among the world's earliest known archeoastronomical devices (roughly contemporary to the Goseck circle in Germany and the Mnajdramegalithic temple complex in Malta). These include alignments of stones that may have indicated the rising of certain stars and a "calendar circle" that indicates the approximate direction of summer solsticesunrise. "Calendar circle" may be a misnomer as the spaces between the pairs of stones in the gates are a bit too wide, and the distances between the gates are too short for accurate calendar measurements."An inventory of Egyptian archaeoastronomical sites for the UNESCO World Heritage Convention evaluated Nabta Playa as having "hypothetical solar and stellar alignments."
Claims for early alignments and star maps.

Astrophysicist Thomas G. Brophy suggests the hypothesis that the southerly line of three stones inside the Calendar Circle represented the three stars of Orion’s Belt and the other three stones inside the calendar circle represented the shoulders and head stars of Orion as they appeared in the sky. These correspondences were for two dates—circa 4,800 BC and at precessional opposition—representing how the sky "moves" long term. Brophy proposes that the circle was constructed and used circa the later date, and the dual date representation was a conceptual representation of the motion of the sky over a precession cycle.

Near the Calendar Circle, which is made of smaller stones, there are alignments of large megalithic stones. The southerly lines of these megaliths, Brophy shows, aligned to the same stars as represented in the Calendar Circle, all at the same epoch, circa 6270 BC. The Calendar Circle correlation with Orion's belt occurred between 6400 BC and 4900 BC, matching the radio-carbon dating of campfires around the circle.

We are getting closer to THE MOTHER . In my Next Post , we will explore More TRUTH .

Current Location : Nabta Playa , Southern Egypt and Temple of Hathor at Dendera , Egypt.

Possible use for astronomical observations at NABTA PLAYA :

By the 5th millennium BC these peoples had fashioned what may be among the world's earliest known archeoastronomical devices (roughly contemporary to the Goseck circle in Germany and the Mnajdramegalithic temple complex in Malta). These include alignments of stones that may have indicated the rising of certain stars and a "calendar circle" that indicates the approximate direction of summer solsticesunrise. "Calendar circle" may be a misnomer as the spaces between the pairs of stones in the gates are a bit too wide, and the distances between the gates are too short for accurate calendar measurements."An inventory of Egyptian archaeoastronomical sites for the UNESCO World Heritage Convention evaluated Nabta Playa as having "hypothetical solar and stellar alignments."

Claims for early alignments and star maps Astrophysicist Thomas G. Brophy suggests the hypothesis that the southerly line of three stones inside the Calendar Circle represented the three stars of Orion’s Belt and the other three stones inside the calendar circle represented the shoulders and head stars of Orion as they appeared in the sky. These correspondences were for two dates—circa 4,800 BC and at precessional opposition—representing how the sky "moves" long term. Brophy proposes that the circle was constructed and used circa the later date, and the dual date representation was a conceptual representation of the motion of the sky over a precession cycle.

Near the Calendar Circle, which is made of smaller stones, there are alignments of large megalithic stones. The southerly lines of these megaliths, Brophy shows, aligned to the same stars as represented in the Calendar Circle, all at the same epoch, circa 6270 BC. The Calendar Circle correlation with Orion's belt occurred between 6400 BC and 4900 BC, matching the radio-carbon dating of campfires around the circle.

The emergence of the Cow statue in the Dolmen of Nabta Playa:

Archaeologists found a statue of a Cow in Nabta Playa . While most people want to remain silent and cover it up , but the existence of this cow statue at Nabta Playa directly reflects the fact that the Cow was a very sacred animal for the ancient Egyptians. Infact much of the Rock artwork found in the Sahara desert , show ancient people in the region as cattle herders who had very well learnt the domestication of Cattle for their homely needs . Further , it has been found that , other than for Milk and agriculture , cattle were never used for consumption . Much like the Hindu belief where Cows are considered as sacred , the Ancient Egyptians revered the Cows and the Bulls. No evidence yet so far has been found where , Egyptians were found to be consuming Cattle meat . 
Infact more evidence of the same has been found in the ancient Egyptian temples , where many of the deities have been given the look of a Cow . Infact , the Egyptian Goddess is represented as Hathor, the Cow Goddess . In earlier times , Hathor was called as Sekhmet , the Lion Goddess. Here we see an interesting connection.

We see a trend among the Egyptians , to change their deities names and looks ,with the change in Yuga . When the Egyptians were in the Age of Leo , they kept their Gods and Goddesses to look like Lions and when the Age changed to Age of Taurus, they made their Gods and Goddesses look like Bulls and Cows as we see in the case of Goddess Hathor. Who by the turn of Yuga was changed from Sekhmet , Lion Goddess to Hathor , the Cow Goddess and again these two Goddesses are connected to ISIS .

In the Indian paradox, a similar situation also happens . Both Goddess Durga and Goddess Kamadhenu are said to be representations of “ SATI “. Durga uses a Lion and Kamadhenu is represented as a Cow herself. This clearly indicates Indian Vedics were using the same formula of Change of Yuga , to Change the names and the looks of the Gods and Goddesses directly in relation to the Current Epoch of Yuga ,in which they were . In most cases , the Vedics , associated the Gods and Goddesses as a vehicles of the Gods and Goddesses. Just like the Bull Nandi for Rudra . And because once , the texts were written and never altered , the Vehicle of Rudra has continued to remain as a BULL and not a symbol of Aqaurius today, inspite of the fact that we are in the AGE OF AQAURIUS now.



Who was Isis ? And hey not to forget , There is a Temple of ISIS in the Southern Indian State of Kerala as well, very ancient . First let us know . WHO WAS THIS GODDESS ISIS ?

So far in this mytery, we have already found evidence that there is a mysterious connection between the Stars and the Gods that we have . From the evidences of Stone Circles all over the World , it is apparent that our ancient ancestors were Star gazers and astronomers. Infact , in India , Astrology is one of the foundations of the Hindu belief system. It is through astrology , by which means the dates of the various festivals and rituals and pujas are declared in advance . Hindus do not follow the system of a fixed date for Puja for a particular deity , unlike the 25th December , where all Christians enjoy the Pagan festival called Christmas. The only Hindu deity to have a fixed day for Puja in most cases is Viswakarma Puja , celebrated on September 17 in most of the years.

From the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Turin papyrus , it is clear that the star “SIRIUS “ was one of the most important stars for the ancient ancestors. This Star was called as Goddess ISIS . But there is a huge mystery connection to ISIS . Let us explore that first.


Elephantine Island is an island on the Nile, forming part of the city of Aswan in southern Egypt. There are archaeological sites on the island. We have already learnt about Nabta Playa in this mystery. We need to recall that Sahara was not a desert but a fertile land with great monsoons and greenery all around. But then , the evil eye saw it and Nabta Playa turned into an arid zone. These people moved from Nabta Playa and assembled at Elephantine island. In Elephantine Island , they built the first temple dedicated to the Star Goddess “ Sirius “ as “ SATIS “ . Sirius was known as “ SATIS “ originally . This temple has been reconstructed multiple times during the entire dynastic hierarchy . One major archaeological discovery was that , everytime the temple was reconstructed , the alignments kept changing . This proves that the Egyptians were trying to assemble the temple doorway to directly point to the Star Sirius and they knew that with the change of Yuga , the position of the Star also kept changing . The Goddess “SATIS “ was also knon later during Roman period of Egyptian history as “ SOTHIS “ . This particular Star was the Hindu Goddess “ SATI “ wife of Rudra as per the Vedic texts.

The worship of “SATIS” was not restricted to only the Egyptians, the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Sumerians , Indus Valley Civilization all prayed to this Goddess .

In Assyria, her name was called as “ Inanna “ , “ ILAH “,“ ISHTAR “ (from where the English word Star originated) etc. In ancient Greece her name was “ Aphrodite “ and in many other civilizations multiple other names have been given . 
Sometime later is Egypt , her name was also mentioned as ISIS. In different parts of the World , her name from “ IS HTAR “ was turned into “HTAR “ and became known as “ Hathor “ in Egypt later and “ TARA “ in Ireland.

Indian Vedics used the name SATI initially . Later , they included TARA . By the time of the Ramayana , “ ISHTARA “ had been changed to “ ISHTA “ and the final rendition by the time the Ramayana was written had been turned into “ SITA “.

In my next Post , we will track " Mystery behind SATI’s self immolation mythological story in the Puranas "

Current Location : INDIA & Later ANCIENT EGYPT .

Mystery behind SATI’s self immolation mythological story in the Puranas :

In the Shiva Purana , there is an rendition that , Parvati goes to her father’s house , gets insulted by her Father on her uninvited arrival to the Hawana ceremony celebrated by her father Daksha . Daksha had not invited Rudra and Parvati to the Hawana as , Daksha , Parvati’s father was unhappy with Parvati’s marriage to Rudra / Shiva . After being badly insulted , Parvati jumps into the Hawana pyre and self immolates herself to become SATI.


The reason is because , Sirius Star remains hidden from the Human eyes for 70 days a Year . From no place on the Earth’s surface this Star can be seen . The Star Sirius also has a 365 days heliacal cycle , exactly with that of Earth’s revolution around the sun . So when after these 70 days Sirius would come back into the vision of the Human eye, it was considered a Fresh cycle , A RE-BIRTH OR RE-INCARNATION . So the ancient Vedics wanted people to remember this secret of Sirius and hence Parvati would jump into the Pyre of Fire and self-immolate herself and remain away from the Humans for 70 days and a new AVATAR Of SATI would be re-incarnated in her Place on her next first visual in the skies . Thereby the Cycle of Birth, Death and Re-Birth of the Avatars of the Hindu pantheon . Further as research today suggests that , the Earth possibly was hit by a comet sometime around 12,000 B.C.E or even before that time , possibly in the range of 20,000 – 15,000 B.C.E and this could have meant a movement of the Earth’s crust displacement and all of a Sudden the skies completely changed overnight and Sirius was probably not seen in the exact spot which the ancient astronomers had recorded her to be in the Horizon of the sky since antiquity and the rapid change of the axial tilt would result in a massive destruction as an aftermath with huge climatic changes , massive flooding ( as mentioned in the Manusmriti , Hebrew Bible and 89 other worldwide massive Flood mythologies) and a Great period of ICE AGE in many parts of the planet, as suggested by many scholars , the time when Antarctica moved from temperate parts of the world to the extreme Polar region due to its tectonic movement caused by Earth’s Crust displacement, thereby mentioned in the puranas as Shiva’s unleashing of KALI at the news of SATI’s self-immolation and thereafter pure destruction due to massive rising of Ocean waters, melting of the Glacial poles due to the change of the Earth’s axis . The Sanskrit text “ Surya Siddhanta “ shows more evidence of this entire incidence with cosmological connection between “ STARS “ and Our Own Planet . It was for this reason that “SATI “ is called by various names like Durga , Kali , Tara , Bagalamukhi, etc and in all out of these multiple re-incarnations , 10 of them were selected as were termed as the “ Mahavidyas “ . And that is the reason why , in Shivasm and Shaktism , all the texts finally mention her as “ SHAKTI “ and “ Shakti “ only . Because she is “SATI” , The Sirius Star.

The reason is because , Sirius Star remains hidden from the Human eyes for 70 days a Year . From no place on the Earth’s surface this Star can be seen . The Star Sirius also has a 365 days heliacal cycle , exactly with that of Earth’s revolution around the sun . So when after these 70 days Sirius would come back into the vision of the Human eye, it was considered a Fresh cycle , A RE-BIRTH OR RE-INCARNATION . So the ancient Vedics wanted people to remember this secret of Sirius and hence Parvati would jump into the Pyre of Fire and self-immolate herself and remain away from the Humans for 70 days and a new AVATAR Of SATI would be re-incarnated in her Place on her next first visual in the skies . Thereby the Cycle of Birth, Death and Re-Birth of the Avatars of the Hindu pantheon . Further as research today suggests that , the Earth possibly was hit by a comet sometime around 12,000 B.C.E or even before that time , possibly in the range of 20,000 – 15,000 B.C.E and this could have meant a movement of the Earth’s crust displacement and all of a Sudden the skies completely changed overnight and Sirius was probably not seen in the exact spot which the ancient astronomers had recorded her to be in the Horizon of the sky since antiquity and the rapid change of the axial tilt would result in a massive destruction as an aftermath with huge climatic changes , massive flooding ( as mentioned in the Manusmriti , Hebrew Bible and 89 other worldwide massive Flood mythologies) and a Great period of ICE AGE in many parts of the planet, as suggested by many scholars , the time when Antarctica moved from temperate parts of the world to the extreme Polar region due to its tectonic movement caused by Earth’s Crust displacement, thereby mentioned in the puranas as Shiva’s unleashing of KALI at the news of SATI’s self-immolation and thereafter pure destruction due to massive rising of Ocean waters, melting of the Glacial poles due to the change of the Earth’s axis . The Sanskrit text “ Surya Siddhanta “ shows more evidence of this entire incidence with cosmological connection between “ STARS “ and Our Own Planet . It was for this reason that “SATI “ is called by various names like Durga , Kali , Tara , Bagalamukhi, etc and in all out of these multiple re-incarnations , 10 of them were selected as were termed as the “ Mahavidyas “ . And that is the reason why , in Shivasm and Shaktism , all the texts finally mention her as “ SHAKTI “ and “ Shakti “ only . Because she is “SATI” , The Sirius Star.

We will track every bit of this mystery . RUDRA is still hiding and we need to find him . We already know the Mother now , how long can he escape us is the question ?

Current Location : We are in second Part and in ANCIENT EGYPT now.


Year 2015, I was looking through the hieroglyphs of ancient Dandera Temple in Egypt. I had come to learn that at this temple, in ancient Times, there was a Dandera Zodiac , which is in France now. I learnt that the Dandera Zodiac was a part of the roof of the Dandera temple, which was removed and taken to France. This Zodiac was very important for me to understand , the last missing links into the Secret of Rudra. I had by 2012, found enough evidence of this unique connection between the Sirius Star and the Wife iof Rudra , SATI.

Rudra , was only escaping me for the time being. I knew , I will get him.

These two words had been told me by the Yogi and Aghoris. I needed to find the connection between the colour RED . I knew the answer would be in ancient Egypt itself.

THE GREAT SPHINX OF GIZA , EGYPT. ( We need to revisit him again)

Our entire journey started at the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt . We return to the Sphinx for that elusive answer. While studying more about the Sphinx , I came through to one of the biggest clues . Many people don’t know that at one point of time, the Sphinx was coloured in RED , bright yellow , black ,golden and green colours . All these colours are the different colours attributed to Shakti herslf. The RED Colour was obtained from Ferrous Oxide . The link between SPHINX AND SATI needed to be researched.

The SPHINX was designed in the form of a lion . Interestingly, The War God of the Ancient Egyptians was known as “ MAHES “ , a Lion God. Of course because the Sphinx was built in 10,450 B.C.E . The Clue was WAR GOD . Rudra is also mentioned in the Vedic texts as a WAR GOD . 
We have already seen that , everything the ancient ancestors were signaling was towards the Stars. I needed a WAR GOD in the Stars. And Who Else Could it be , OTHER THAN “ ORION “ . THE WAR GOD CONSTELLATION. I had found him . RUDRA .

Now , I needed evidence. And here is where The Egyptian texts would come handy . I was sure , to know , who the thief was is not enough , There should be substantial evidence to prove it as well .

This Blue Alien , written in the Sanskrit Texts is also mentioned as " NEELKANTHA " The One with a BLUE THROAT . This Blue Alien is also known as the One with the " THIRD EYE " . This Blue Alien is also known as the Lord of the Serpent Cult . This Blue Alien is also Known as " MAHADEVA " as per the Sanskrit and Tamil Sangam texts , meaning " LORD OF THE LORDS " ironically " LORD OF THE RINGS " .

This Blue Alien is also known as " ADI NATH " the first of the First Great Sage . This Blue Alien is also known as " THE DESTROYER " .

Amazingly " ALIEN " is a mirror image of the word " NEILA " meaning BLUE . And the River " NILE " got its name , because its waters were PURE BLUE .
AJIPATI or Egypt where the answer lied .

The Mother had so far guided me on the Right Tracks of Clues . It was AJIPATI of course , where the secret Lied . I will dig down coffins if required , But this time , This Alien is not escaping me , I had made up my mind .

The Egyptian God – OSIRIS is connected to the Orion Belt. I tracked the history of OSIRIS , as if I was not letting this one , run away this time.

RUDRA had already consumed , 18 years of my life , since I began for this Quest by the year 2015 , when I started on this search in the year 1997. I WOULD NOT LEAVE , THIS BLUE ALIEN , ESCAPE MY CLUTCHES THIS TIME !!!

Current Location : ANCIENT EGYPT .


The Egyptian God , Osiris is connected to the Orion Belt. It is the Orion Belt to which the Great Pyramid of Giza are aligned to. But who was OSIRIS before becoming OSIRIS in Egyptian mythology ?

The Egyptian God Khnum:

“ Khnum (also spelled Khnemu) was one of the earliest Egyptian deities, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Since the annual flooding of the Nile brought with it silt and clay, and its water brought life to its surroundings, he was thought to be the creator of the bodies of human children, which he made at a potter's wheel, from clay, and placed in their mothers' wombs. He later was described as having moulded the other deities, and he had the titles Divine Potterand Lord of created things from himself. “ THERE HE WAS . The first deity other than ATUM ( Sun God ) and Sirius ( SATI) , was Khnum .

Khnum was the god of rebirth, creation and the evening sun, although this is usually the function of Atum. The worship of Khnum centered on two principal riverside sites, Elephantine Island and Esna, which were regarded as sacred sites. At Elephantine, he was worshipped alongside Anuketand Satet ( at a later stage early Egyptian Goddess SATIS and due to Roman influence the name had changed ) as the guardian of the source of the Nile River. His significance led to early theophoricnames of him, for children, such as Khnum-Khufwy – Khnum is my Protector, the full name of Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid.Khnum has also been related to the deity Min .


Deity MIN :

Min (Egyptian mnw) is an ancient Egyptian god whose cult originated in predynastic period (4th millennium BCE). He was represented in many different forms, but was most often represented in male human form, shown with an ERECT PENIS which he holds in his left hand and an upheld right arm holding a flail. As Khem or Min, he was the god of reproduction; as Khnum, he was the creator of all things, "the maker of gods and men".

“ ERECT PENIS “ ofcourse the “ PHALLUS “ or “ Lingam “ .
Now let us understand , what’s happening here . During our search for Rudra , we had been to Nabta Playa . We learnt that Nabta Playa was later abandoned , by the Nabta people. And the Nabta people settled in Elephantine Island, Egypt. 
The deity MIN was the original name for the God of Orion Belt. The Nabta people brought this God to the region of Elephantine Island. In Elephantine Island , this God got introduced to the other settlers of the region. The same deity , evolved to have two names . One , the original name MIN , which the new settlers brought in . The other was used by the local residents as Khnum . These two Gods are actually One. Just like RUDRA and Shiva is the same deity . But as it evolves , The name Rudra was more connected to the original followers of those who knew about the Orion connection and Shiva because the Aryans saw the name “ Rudra “ to be far more scarier in Vedic terms. Same deity multiple names.

We also notice that , This God Khnum is considered as the God who is the Source of the Nile River , just like Rudra is the source for Ganga. How an amazing connection.

Even more interesting , now I quote this text regarding Ganga .
“Several years later, a king named Sagara magically acquired sixty thousand sons. One day, King Sagara performed a ritual of worship for the good of the kingdom. One of the integral parts of the ritual was a horse, which was stolen by the jealous Indra. Sagara sent all his sons all over the earth to search for the horse. They found it in the nether-world (or Underworld) next to a meditating sage Kapil tied by Lord Indra(the king of Swarg). Believing that the sage had stolen the horse, they hurled insults at him and caused his penance to be disturbed. The sage opened his eyes for the first time in several years and looked at the sons of Sagara. With this glance, all sixty thousand were burnt to death.

The souls of the sons of Sagara wandered as ghosts since their final rites had not been performed. For the moksha of all the sons of Sagar, Anshuman(nephew of those 60,000 son) started to pray Brahma to bring Ganga to the earth till the end of his life, but was not successful. Then his son Dilip did the same but did not succeed. When Bhagiratha (Means, one who does great hard work- he got his name from his great hard work for bringing Ganga to earth), one of the descendants of Sagara, son of Dilip, learnt of this fate, he vowed to bring Ganga down to Earth so that her waters could cleanse their souls and release them to heaven.

Bhagiratha prayed to Brahma that Ganga come down to Earth. Brahma agreed and he ordered Ganga to go down to the Earth and then on to the nether regions so that the souls of Bhagiratha's ancestors would be able to go to heaven. Ganga felt that this was insulting and decided to sweep the whole Earth away as she fell from the heavens. Alarmed, Bhagiratha prayed to Shiva that he break up Ganga's descent.

Ganga arrogantly fell on Shiva's head. But Shiva calmly trapped her in his hair and let her out in small streams. The touch of Shiva further sanctified Ganga. As Ganga travelled to the nether-worlds, she created a different stream to remain on Earth to help purify unfortunate souls there. She is the only river to follow from all the three worlds – Swarga (heaven), Prithvi (Earth) and Patala (netherworld or hell). Thus is called Tripathagā(one who travels the three worlds) in Sanskrit language.

Because of Bhagiratha's efforts, Ganga descended to Earth and hence the river is also known as Bhagirathi and the term Bhagirath prayatna is used to describe valiant efforts or difficult achievements. “ .

Now you see, I had already revealed in the “ Mystery of Ramayana “ that King Sagara of the Purana is the same King Sargon mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. King Sargon was born in Azupiranu , Mesopotamia and he died in 2279 BC at Akkadian Empire, Iraq.

Here I am providing another evidence that the Hindu Gods are actually directly having a connection with Sumeria and ancient Egypt and not the other way round which Hindus so proudly talk about. Civilization started in Africa , developed in Africa and spread outside to the rest of the World.

The Hindu Puranas are telling us all about our own heritage and connection to ancient civilizations of Sumeria and Egypt. Further , when it comes to Ganga , there seems to be too much confusion regarding in the Puranic texts . In some text , she is mentioned as “ Consort of Shiva “ , in other texts , she is mentioned as “ Daughter of Shiva “ . Too many confusions.

A similar confusion seems to be there between this God Khnum ( Osiris’s Original name ) and the river Nile .

In my next Part , we revisit the Temple of ISIS . This time , RUDRA ain't escaping us no more .

Current Location : ANCIENT EGYPT .

Temple at Elephantine:

The temple at Elephantine was dedicated to Khnum, his consort Satet and their daughter Anuket. The temple dates back to at least the Middle Kingdom. By the 11th dynasty Khnum, Satet and Anuket are all attested at Elephantine. During the New Kingdom finds from the time of Ramesses II show Khnum was still worshipped there.

Opposite Elephantine, on the east bank at Aswan, Khnum, Satet and Anuket are shown on a chapel wall dating to the Ptolemaic time .

We also see that ,Khnum seems to have multiple other children as well in other temples of ancient Egypt . Like Anuket, sometimes Serket, Hekaor Ra, and Thoth.Anuket or Serket is representation of River Nile. Hekaor Ra is Murugan and Thoth is Ganesha.

We now know , why Khnum has 2 Sons and 1 Daughter Nile. Similarly in the various Shiva and Kalika puranas , Shiva has two sons Murugan ( Karthikeyan ) and Ganesha. Ganga in the pre-ancient texts would was considered a daughter of Rudra , but later with the arrival of Aryans, Ganga was elevated to the level of Consort of Shiva , to give the Aryan territory of Northern India a superiority compared to the River Narmada in the Dravidian territory.

The second son of Khnum was Thoth ,the God of learning and wisdom and is it a co-incidence that it is stated that Ganesha , the son of Shiva was the one who wrote the Mahabharata as per the texts , when Ved Vyasa recited it in one go to Ganesha and Ganesha also wrote the Mahabharata without a break ? 

It is not a co-incidence at all . It is Human stupidity to have not realized this truth for so long and the corruption of the Indian Brahmins to dis-orient facts and misguide the people to believe that India is the Cradle of Human Civilization , which Facts do not support at all . Our oldest temple was built only in 1st C.E , the Great Pyramids had already stood for thousands of years already by that time, how can India be the Cradle of Human Civilization by even fluke of a chance ?



We will catch RUDRA by every means .He will have to reveal and spell all the Beans , that has been kept hidden from us , for so long .

We will find the Truth by tonight itself. We will also find out that we are the stupidest generation of Humans on this planet and not our ancient ancestors actually . They knew what is called as " SCIENCE " and here we are fighting for " WHO HAS THE BETTER IMAGINARY FRIENDS CALLED GODS ? "

No wonder , we still cannot build even today , What is called as the " GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA, EGYPT " . and we still have no complete understanding of the science involved in building these monster of Structures that , no engineer in the World can actually plan the design perfectly even today .

We are encountering SCIENCE here not Gods , Not religions . EXTREME SCIENCE beyond the Understanding of the Gods themselves .

Everything will be revealed !!!




We have learnt that our ancient ancestors were keen Star Gazers and astronomers . They did not have satellites to predict weather or seasons . They used a different technique. The Use of Star Maps.

Our ancient ancestors had identified that , the Sirius Star and the Orion belt like all other stars were in constant motion throughout the year . With years of keen study, they had found that When the Sirius Star moved from a location in the horizon , right where the Middle Star of the Orion belt is , The Monsoon season would happen in ancient Egypt . The Flooding of the Nile river was the most important activity for the ancient Egyptians . A good flood ensured , Great Harvesting , Great Pasture of greenery for the cattle to feed on and great available water resources for drinking and other purposes .

Because the Sirius star would be right at the position , where the Middle star of the Orion belt is ( Considered as the Penis of Osiris , the God of the Orion Belt ) , it was depicted as a union between Sirius ( SATI ) and Osiris ( Rudra ) . It was a very divine sight for the ancient ancestors . They had also calculated the path of Sirius star through the Orion Belt ( See pictures below ) . Similarly in other civilizations around the world had made a similar observation for their own monsoons in their lands . While in ancient Egypt , they represented this union only by depicting the Erect Penis of God Min , who was later named as Osiris or as an Obelisk , the Vedics instead , depicted the Union between Sirius Star ( SATI ) and Osiris ( Rudra ) as a Shiva Lingam .

Our ancient ancestors were greatly dependant on the Stars to make up for the unknown science of predicting Climatic changes and weathering patterns . They were masters in understanding Star positions and how changes in the Star path was affecting the changes in seasons and climate. It was ofcourse divine knowledge for them and hence because so much the Stars revealed onto them . The Stars themselves were nothing less than Gods and Goddesses. That is the reason , ancient tribes like the Dogon tribe of Africa , say that STAR PEOPLE came to them and taught them everything . It actually means , People who knew astronomy and science met them from the ancient lands of Ajipati ( Egypt ) and taught them about the secret of the Stars . Scientists are still baffled , about the knowledge the Dogon people have about stars . We only recently came to know through science that the Sirius Star has a companion SIRIUS B Star . The Dogon tribe knew this , since antiquity times ." HOW ON EARTH , IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE " even today scientists are asking this question . The Dogon tribe only states that " STAR PEOPLE CAME AND TAUGHT THEM " . Who are these Star People ? They are the people , who were the Best of Astronomers . Infact , our very own Indian Texts like " SURYA SIDDHANTA " is giving Nightmares to Today's Astronomers sitting in NASA . How are perplexed , with what accuracy the Star Systems and the Cosmos in total has been defined in that Ancient Sanskrit text. We are the Stupidest generation of Mankind , not our ancient ancestors . We don't even understand , How much they knew about our Planet and the Cosmos . They were scientific people , We are stupid people with Gods , who don't exist at all .


The Dog Star people called the " DOGON TRIBE OF AFRICA " . All secrets will be revealed .


This will be the Final Post , relating to the " SECRET OF RUDRA " . We will visit " SOUTH AMERICAN PYRAMID connection in a separate Mystery and Also the SECRET OF THE 7 SAGES in another mystery " . My Final Post of my 20 years of Research Work . For those of you , who have read all the earlier 24 Parts , if You have any questions , relating to this Mystery , please feel free to send in your questions . I will cover them in the Epilogue . Let us catch " RUDRA NOW " . 

Further the name Shiva was very popular in ancient times . The Hebrew and the Christian Bible reveal about a Queen named Sheeba from the lands of Sheeba ( Magan or today's Oman ) . The Bibles also mention Shabbians , followers of Sheeba ( Shiva ) . There is still an Oasis in Egypt called Oasis of Siwa , where the Great Macedonian , Alexandar the Great visited the Siwa temple and asked the Oracles for his prophecy . The Temple was in the middle of the Oasis . Today , only a mound of elevated Earth sits where the ancient temple was . In today's Saudi Arabia and rest of Middle East , the Sirius Star was known more popularly as " ILAH " . It is from the Sirius Star " ILAH " where the Arabic name " Allah " has been derived . " AL " in Arabic means " THE " . "AL ILAH" means " THE ILAH " , the Sirius Star . It was all about Stars and Constellations , not Gods and Goddesses at all . " ILAH " is another name given to " Kali " the Goddess of Tantra in Indian Sanskrit texts.

THE ORION BELT from being named as MIN , to later Khnum to later Osiris. The mythology of Osiris reveals a similar story as in the Shiva Purana . However in the Osiris story , it is Osiris who dies and in resurrected and not SATIS . The name of the Sirius Star also kept on changing , SATIS became SOTHIS by the time of the Roman period of ancient Egypt. As people kept coming and going out of Egypt , the mythologies continued to flow elsewhere .

Similar mythologies were interwined with the local environment in which people settled in. The Connecting dot line between Rudra and Osiris is the very heavily guarded secret of the arrival of the Elamites into India. The Aryans never wrote the Vedas , they stole the Vedas from the Elamites. It is even today , hence called “ DRAVEDA “ or Dravidian in origin. These Elamites who moved into India before the arrival of the Aryans , brought in RUDRA to India and also the BULL .

Egyptian mythology is filled with iconography of the Union between Osiris and SATIS, which in India is worshipped as Shiva Lingam . Those Elamites who spread westwards , continued to pray only the “ PHALLUS “ as we have seen in Ireland and most of the European ancient sacred sites. 

The Egyptians themselves only used “ THE OBELISK “ as the Phallus. Is it not interesting that Both Vatican and White House , have the Penis of Osiris as Obelisk ?

Human Beings would have never struggled so much , had Pharaoh Akhenaten , not tried to change the official religion of Ancient Egypt . One blunder and today, humanity is paying the heaviest of prices . His move to make “ The Moon God “ as official God of Egypt instead of the ancient God of “ Atum – Sun God “ landed up creating the rift and split of human civilization . When Egypt returned back to its Solar roots with “ RA HORAKHTI “ or Horus , by the Time when the Romans had set in, The Moon God was attached with Osiris and hence even today , we see the iconography of the Crescent Moon on the Head of Rudra.

There are certain more things , we need to understand. The Hebrew Bible clearly reveals about a Queen of Sheeba. Infact , the Jews of Israel still call Egypt as Mizraim. The name Shiva was not an unknown name to the ancient Egyptians . Infact it was pretty popular among the people of Dilmun , Magan and Meluha. There is still an Oasis of Siwa in Egypt, where there was an ancient temple , where oracles used to prophesize . Alexander, the Great had visited this temple during his time of existence.

RUDRA is also described in the texts as the “DESTROYER” because for the ancient ancestors , seeing a erratic cosmological pathway of the Orion Belt was an indication that the planet’s wobble movement was far more than what this planet should have . The Wobbling effect is the one , which changes the Axis of the earth’s tilt and causes the Poles to change. A bigger wobble meant , the Planet was becoming unstable and hence “ THE DANCE OF THE NATARAJA – THE DANCE OF COSMIC DESTRUCTION “ and the fierce verses mentioning “ RUDRA HAS AWAKEN TO HIS DANCE OF DESTRUCTION “. The ancients knew The Orion Belt’s pathaway through the space , any erratic change and they knew , THEY WERE DOOMED FOR EVER .

And yes , the Temple of Solomon , which the Hebrew Bible talks about was actually known as “ Temple of Suleiman “ , The Orion Belt itself. And the Orion Belt in Sanskrit is called as “Mrigashiras “ and we have already seen that Rudra’s favourite devotee is depicted as “ Purshamriga / Purusha Muruga / Purusha Mruga “ in the form of a LAMASSU ( A BULL with a Face of a Bearded Man in some temples and in other cases as the Sphinx itself ).

THE GREAT SPINX OF GIZA , IS THE RUDRA’S FAVOURITE DEVOTEE “ NANDI “ OF 10,450 B.C.E or the Favourite devotee of the First God of the Ancient Egyptians “ ATUM “ . We have found the Source of “ OM “ from the Egyptian God " KHNUM - KHU - OM " and ATUM - ATMAN - AT-OM ".




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